Apple announces new generation CarPlay in 2024 with these new features

The new apps will allow better control of the car and the brands for which the new generation Apple CarPlay will arrive in March 2024

Apple announces new generation CarPlay in 2024 with these new features
New generation CarPlay will arrive in March

iOS 17.4 beta came with significant new features, one of them being the new alternative App Store. Another piece of information has been posted on the Cupertino website to confirm which vehicles will support the new generation of CarPlay in 2024.

The new generation of CarPlay automatically makes us think of the Apple Car

Notably, there is no specific date for the arrival of CarPlay in these vehicles. They’re supposed to arrive in late 2023 but Apple changed the speech to a subtle “The first models will arrive in 2024.” Reference to 8 new apps can be found in the code of the first beta of iOS 17.4. These discoveries were made by MacRumors contributors, Aaron Paris and Steve Moser.

New generation CarPlay comes to Porsche and Aston Martin models

New generation CarPlay will come to Porsche and Aston Martin models in 2024

Camera and weather, like iPhone or iPad The camera is oriented to show the view behind the vehicle, Weather is to look at its controls inside the vehicle. You can adjust the air conditioning or heating temperature, fan speed, among other things.

Media is very important because you will control access to radio, an Internet multimedia alternative called SiriusXM is being considered. A list of hits and additional music genres will be included. Would you use it, assuming Apple Music or Spotify existed?

On the other hand, a very interesting one is the automatic configuration. iPhones that have been paired can be managed in addition to other car parameters. This charge will be like a battery app, only for electric vehicles, It will also show the charging status and battery level as well as the time remaining until fully charged.

closure and tire pressurethe first one will show warning signs And if one door is not closed properly, the other Will display tire air pressure and alert if low pressure occurs And classic puncture.

Which car models will support the next generation CarPlay

Which car models will support the next generation of CarPlay?

A new on-screen advertisement and compatible cars

The iOS 17.4 beta leaves an interesting prompt when a driver turns off his car. Shortly thereafter a “Goodbye” screen will be displayed as a farewell signal., It reminds you of “Hello” at the beginning of iPhone, iPad and Mac in the first configuration.

In addition to the appearance of the devices, the theme design and color scheme are completely customizable. This will be an incredible experience because it will be like having a second iPhone in the car, Without a doubt, this is an expected version of CarPlay, it was announced from June 2022.

The interface is optimized for specific car models, especially for manufacturer identification. For example, Aston Martin confirmed that earlier this year it would launch its vehicles with a new generation of CarPlay.

The brands where the new generation CarPlay will be available are Acura, Audi, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Polestar, Porsche, Renault and Volvo. We’ll have more details on the full CarPlay news in the first days of March, something that will undoubtedly revolutionize the way we interact with the car. Will this make us think about the Apple Car?

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