Apple will finally allow web apps in iOS 17.4

Apple reconsiders its decision and will return web apps to the iPhone home screen in iOS 17.4

Apple will finally allow web apps in iOS 17.4
Web Apps in iOS 17.4

Earlier beta versions of iOS 17.4 suggested that Apple removed web apps from the iPhone home screen in the EU. are web apps or web applications Websites converted into applications Through Safari. An unexpected change that caused much criticism.

A little later, Apple confirmed the removal of the function of creating web apps on the home screen… Fortunately, the company has reconsidered its decision. Finally, Web Apps will be available in the EU with the official launch of iOS 17.4Which is expected to happen in the first week of March.

Apple will return web apps to the home screen in iOS 17.4, ensuring that they will “continue to offer existing home screen web apps in the EU.”

iPhone Web Apps will remain in iOS 17.4

Apple’s decision to remove Web Apps functionality from iOS 17.4 was definitely concerning Requirements of Digital Markets Law Of the European Commission. Apparently, Apple recognized that this function could be vulnerable to some security and privacy issues.

At that time an Apple representative had indicated that “This would require the integration of an entirely new structure that does not currently exist in iOS”, Apparently, there were privacy and security issues related to the new default web browsing apps in iOS 17.4.

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How to add a webapp to your iPhone

This is an excerpt from Apple’s statement:

“Previously, Apple announced plans to remove the ability to display web apps from the home screen in the EU as part of our efforts to comply with the DMA. The need to remove this feature was due to security and privacy concerns associated with supporting web applications .Alternative browser engines that would require the creation of a new integration architecture that does not currently exist on iOS.

We have received a request to continue support for Home Screen Web Apps on iOS, so we will continue to provide the existing Home Screen Web Apps functionality in the EU. This support means that home screen web apps will continue to rely directly on WebKit and its security architecture, and align with the security and privacy model for native apps on iOS.”

Let’s remember that iOS 17.4 will also include access to an alternative application store to the App Store… a landmark change that will be added to other new features such as the arrival of a new collection of emojis.

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