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The progress of technology is unstoppable and Apple, the technology company with the bitten apple, knows it. Well, it has been announced that one of the services that this company has provided for free for a long time is going to be paid, but it is more advanced.

Technology is our faithful friend in many of our actions and decisions. Since its rise, technological advancements have provided us with many benefits, making our lives much easier.

However, all these benefits, supports, tools, applications, software and much more, are usually not free, as it is the result of efforts and years of research by experts from different technology companies, so they all usually have a market price. happens with which they can get by.

This is how we reached Apple, one of the most famous American technology companies in the world. It is also known for its famous logo of a minimally cut apple.

This company gained its fame by completely revolutionizing the use of technologies, managing to create high-tech devices in its time and even today, thus earning the trust of many people fond of technology.

Apple used to have a sales strategy where its hardware was offered at slightly higher prices than its competitors, but with the advantage that most of its software could be managed for free.

This situation persisted for a long time, until recently when the famous technology company has decided to stop offering Apple CarPlay for free, one of the services most used by its users.

Apple CarPlay is an entertainment and assistance system used exclusively in cars, only those that are compatible with the application, with it we can run applications such as navigation, music, messages, calls and much more in the car from our cell phone. Can.

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For a long time, Apple has been providing this tool to its users for free from their cell phones. However, recently the company has announced a new version of Apple CarPlay in which along with being paid, it can be used with better performance.

It should be noted that the fee Apple plans to impose will not be charged to its users, but is planned as part of the sale of Apple CarPlay license concessions to large automobile companies.

Apple company is planning to deal with high-end car companies like Porsche, Aston Martin, so that they can already include Apple CarPlay in the internal computers of the cars.

This change will guarantee optimal use of the tool, because, previously, it would become slow, frozen or deprogrammed due to internal errors in the car, signal problems or Apple CarPlay not being compatible in the car.

According to the company, this plan is to begin with the launch of the next generations of Apple CarPlay, and although there is still no estimated fixed time or exact monetary value, or whether the user will have to invest in a subscription in addition to the high-end car. count of.

Without a doubt, this is a very important step for this company that only wants to improve its systems to give the best user experience and establish itself as one of the best technology companies in the world.

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