Leo Messi shares his list of 60 favorite songs to warm up to before games

one of the most intimate aspects of Lionel Messi This was revealed this Tuesday when he shared with his fans a list of his favorite songs that he usually listens to through the platform. apple music Which includes a large number of Mexican artists Featherweight, Grupo Frontera and even the Toucan of Tijuana.

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Daniel Ballesteros

The Argentinian forward is preparing to start the activity of the 2024 season Major League Soccer (MLS) This Wednesday when his team, inter miamiface Royal Salt Lake In the opening match of the league.

And when it comes game time, Messi enjoys his free time while sharing his great versatility from songs to different musical styles. ‘Life is a Carnival’ by Celia Cruzlike passing through more current ones‘She Dances Alone’ by Peso Pluma and Eslabon ArmadoUntil ‘Highway to Hell’ by AC/DC.

But they’re not alone because this is a list of 60 songs Playlist titled ‘Warming Up’ with which Argentina usually practices for its matches with both Inter Miami with the Argentina national team.

Despite the huge diversity of subjects, artists and styles Leo Messi prepares for matches, you can understand that it is featherweight His favorite singer, more than any other, by including five different songs from the Mexican artist.

Inter Miami: Lionel Messi

Rebecca Blackwell/AP/LaPresse

Lionel Messi’s Favorite Songs:

  • Babe Dame (Furza Resida and Grupo Frontera)
  • Bidi Bidi Bom Bom (Selena)

  • Give you a kiss Prince Royce)
  • Despacito (Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee)
  • Don’t Stop The Music (Rihanna)
  • She Dances Alone (Armed Link and Featherweight)
  • Bent Over (Sergio Torres)
  • I feel good. (Gorillaz)
  • first person shooter (drake)
  • Fruit (Bizarre and Milo J)
  • Fragile (Yahritza and its Essence and Frontera Group)
  • Harley Quinn (Rule Force and Marshmallow)
  • i know you want me (pitbull)
  • Bachata (Manuel Turizo)
  • Huitlacoochee Wedding (Carin Lennon)
  • La Chona (Toucans of Tijuana)
  • Brunette (Luck Ra and BM)
  • Life is a carnival (Celia Cruz)
  • Lady Gaga (Featherweight, Gabito Ballesteros & Junior H)
  • my beautiful angel (natanael cano)
  • Look how he dances (Sergio Torres)
  • He’s not going (Frontier Group)
  • Sweet Eyes (Bad Bunny & Stereo Bomb)

  • Another Night in Miami (J Balvin)
  • black dog (bad bunny and feed)
  • Featherweight: Bzrp Music Sessions, Volume 55 (Bizarre & Featherweight)
  • Keulona (Karol G and featherweight)
  • then what else? (J Balvin and Maria Becerra)
  • According to whom (Maluma and Caryn Lennon)
  • Red Heels (Sebastian Trip)
  • All of you (Raw Alejandro)
  • Without You Me (Dread March I)
  • Tiki Taka Toko (Fuerza Resida and Take a Daytrip)
  • Tulum (Featherweight and Frontera Group)
  • Un x100to (Grupo Frontera & Bad Bunny)
  • A Photo Remix (Emilia, Nikki Nicole & Tiago PZK)
  • Candy B (Bad Bunny) returns
  • Don’t Come Back (characters from Luck Ra, La Conga and
  • Young Miko: Bzrp Music Session, Vol. 58 (Bizarre and Young Miko)
  • Coming From Space (LIT Killah, Dukey, Emilia, Tiago PZK, FMK, Rusharking, Maria Becerra, Big One)
  • Merengue (Marshmallows and Manuel Turizo)
  • Hey Woman (Remix & Juanes)

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