Michael Keaton didn’t want CGI in Beetlejuice 2 for more entertainment

“It had to look handmade,” explains the actor.

Get ready to laugh out of fear because Michael Keaton is soon back in his role as a grotesque monster beetlejuicebeetlejuiceSequel to the cult film of Tim Burton, Director ofEdward Scissorhands He’s still on top of this new creation and he’s found his new favorite actress Jenna Ortegawhom he was already directing in his own series Wednesday,

In an interview given to the magazine People, Michael Keaton He explained the importance of limiting digital special effects as much as possible beetlejuicebeetlejuice ,I was not at all interested in doing anything where there was a lot of technology,” he declares, He says that it is an element on which burton and he decided “From the beginning, if we ever did it again.,

First poster and title of the sequel to Beetlejuice

,it had to look handmade”, he summarizes. With the increasing influx of blockbuster movies made almost exclusively on blue or green backgrounds, the return of old school VFX craftsmanship is becoming a hot commodity among movie buffs and old school actors. Keaton ,

,It was funny to see someone in the corner holding something for you, Seeing everyone in less headspace and sayin’These are the people who make these things happen, who try to do things right.,,

,After years of standing in front of a giant screen and pretending that someone is next to you, when you can do that again, it’s a huge boost!,

Beetle Juice
Warner Bros.

Great taste in artistry! Perhaps beetlejuicebeetlejuice Its success can be attributed to the importance given to craftsmanship. But what will make the film attractive, first of all, is its casting, bringing together old stars and new actors: Michael Keaton is with catherine o’haraAlready present in the first opus, reprising her role as Delia Dietz, as well Winona Ryder Playing an adult Lydia Dietz in the 1988 film, while she was still a goth teen.

william defoe And Monica Bellucci Added to this already very attractive list, and to top it all off, she is the youthful inspiration of the Burtonverse Jenna Ortega The newest addition to the Joe Dietz clan will play Astrid, Lydia’s daughter and Delia’s granddaughter. ,it’s so much fun“, confirms Keaton About this sequel. beetlejuicebeetlejuice Will be released in theaters on 11 September 2024.

Beetlejuice: How Michael Keaton brought Tim Burton’s iconic character to life

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