Argentinian Milanese restaurant in Las Acacias, Miami (United States)

From the end of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, we received an invitation to go on a trip Las Acacias Restaurant in Miami, United States, On our recent visit to the area, we were able to accomplish that goal.

We arrived at the place and met two Argentines who treated us very well, with the same warmth that one misses when one is out of the country. Plus, seeing the food options in the refrigerator made us feel at home.

Next, we will tell you about our trip to Las Acacias so that you have a A very Argentinian option for your trip to Miami, At the end you will also get a video from our YouTube channel.

Place of Las Acacias

The restaurant is located in the Doral area. To give context, it is between Miami Airport and Dolphin Mall. In other words, eating and shopping there is a good option. mall,

The exact address is 8200 NW 14th St, Doral, FL 33126


Upon entering you will surely find its owner, Andrea and Marcelo, They are two brilliant individuals, both as humans and as cooks. We sat for a long time talking and sharing anecdotes in an environment where you had many photos and even a television with programming from Argentina.

The restaurant has two rooms, one at the front (seen in the photo above) and one at the back, smaller, but no less comfortable for that reason.


Now coming to the important thing, which is food. As you enter, you see an Argentine’s desired treasure abroad in the refrigerator.

And not to mention the sweet treats that especially come to mind, like this chocolate cake.

We leave you the letter so that you can see the menu with the options of this restaurant.

We tried the empanadas, which were really good.

And I loved the detail of the bread and butter on the table.

Then they brought us three different Milanese: one that had four cheeses.

Another burrata.

And this famous miami messina Which comes with an egg for each star in the selection.

All the Milanese were incredible and the sizes were huge. The thing to keep in mind is that with one Milani, two people eat peacefully.

To finish, we ordered coffee with alfajores.

What else? I would like to thank Andrea and Marcelo once again for their kindness in giving us such good service and, above all, for the quality of their food. Highly recommended if you visit Miami and want some good Argentinian food.

We take advantage and leave for you the video from our YouTube channel about this place:

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