Ariana Grande’s Boyfriend Has a Disturbing Double, According to Internet Users

yes and?Ariana Grande sings to anyone who will listen her romantic romp of 2023. Her new boyfriend is still the talk of the town for disturbing reasons.

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The public learned about Ariana’s divorce from Dalton Gomez in July 2023 and just a few days later, it was a shock when it was revealed that the singer was now in a relationship with Ethan Slater, an actor especially popular on Broadway.

The couple now lives together and are very happy in their home in the Big Apple, but Internet users are far from saying anything good about the star.

Fans and gossips have set their sights on a topic that may make you laugh or raise an eyebrow, the similarity between Ethan Slather and a man very close to Ariana, Frankie Grande, her brother.

Points of comparison between Ethan, 31, and Frankie, 41, range from round brown eyes, thin lips, a nose and a slight diastema, a subtle gap between the front teeth.

On TikTok, some curious people have published a montage of the two men’s faces side by side and they can’t help but notice the similarity.

Whether we agree or not, there are some similarities between the two men in Ariana’s life!

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