“As a kid, I was a fan of science fiction”: Josh Brolin returns in Dune 2

Josh Brolin is cool. Dressed in a round-neck leather jacket and black jeans, he arrives smiling at the round table where he is to meet four journalists at Le Bristol, Paris’s most glamorous palace. Just kidding, of course, we are a far cry from his portrayal of super villain Thanos from the Avengers movies.

The interview is done in English and yet: “I love France, I first came when I was 18 and came back several years in a row to study with the Alliance Française. I always wanted to dream in French but I never succeeded! , He laughed out loud.

proud of austin butler

In dune 2, her character Gurney Halleck seeks out Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) and joins him in his fight against the people who destroyed her family. He calls himself the hero’s guru. “I am an angry man, hungry for revenge but I watch young Paul grow with pride. ,

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A good anointment for the man who believed he would always be his big brother goons, “For years people had this image of me in their minds. So when Austin Butler, (who enters into Dune 2) Said to me: “My role as Elvis Presley stuck with me, people talked to me about it for 7 months”, I told him: “Shut up! Me fool, people talked to me about it for 20 years! , But Josh Brolin is very proud of the young actor and the phenomenal work he did in the film. “He really impressed me. ,

Photo Austin Butler in New York on February 25, 2024.  © AFP

Austin Butler in New York on February 25, 2024. AFP

we might have to wait no country for old men The Coen brothers to see the American’s career take another turn. He then became a fan of superhero films, especially the Marvel series. reward for confessor “Always been a fan of science fiction. , In his teenage bedroom, he read Ray Bradbury and then discovered Frank Herbert’s book.

ready for dune 3

filming of dune 2 As family-friendly as the atmosphere looked, it was physically equally difficult. “I must be a masochist, I choose emotionally or physically difficult movies, like Everest Where we were so cold we couldn’t sleep, or duneShot at 45 degrees, 2.5 hours from Abu Dhabi, with sand in the mouth.

However Josh Brolin is set to sign on for a third episode. We also !


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