At what price did the dollar sell this Tuesday, February 20: minute by minute information

The week began with a rise in all dollar quotes, and the American currency, in its blue version, continued its upward trend, reaching $1,110 pesos for sales. All quotes.

Tuesday 20.02

16:59 Blue dollar closed at $1,115

In the informal market, the currency gained five pesos, ending the sale at $1,115.

Tuesday 20.02

15:57 Official dollar closed at $856

Banco Nación’s face value on the board rose 50 cents today in line with a micro-devaluation planned by the government.

Tuesday 20.02

15:13 Blue dollar operates without change

The parallel currency is selling at $1,100, the same price at which it closed on Monday.

Tuesday 20.02

13:30 Marvel fell 0.49%

The S&P Merval index fell 0.49% to 1,066,943.97 units in midday trading in the Buenos Aires market, while shares of Argentine companies fell as much as 2.3% on Wall Street.

On the leading panel of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, Cresud and Ternium shares fell 4.17% and 3.37%, respectively.

Meanwhile, ADRs of Argentine companies fell the most on Wall Street on the day, with Globant leading the way with a 2.3% decline.

In the fixed income segment, sovereign bonds in dollars were up and down, while titles in pesos were up 0.2%.

Tuesday 20.02

12:40 MEP and CCL price falls

The dollar was trading at $816 for buying and $856 for selling at Banco Nación this afternoon, while the Cash with Settlement Dollar (CCL) fell 2.10% on the stock market and was trading at $1,119.88.

For its part, the MEP or Stock Market Dollar fell 2.10% and was trading at $1,119.88.

Meanwhile, the country risk stood at 1,706 basis points, according to an index prepared by JPMorgan.

Tuesday 20.02

11:10 bovespa index fell

The San Pablo Stock Exchange was down 0.22% at the start of the day, bringing the Bovespa index to 128,752.65 points.

Meanwhile, the dollar fell 0.35% in the exchange market and was trading at an average of 4.9431 reais per unit, according to Bloomberg agency.

Tuesday 20.02

10:40 The official dollar is quoted at $856

The dollar on the Banco Nación board opened today at $816 for buying and $856 for selling, fifty cents higher than yesterday’s closing price.

Meanwhile, Argentina country risk remained unchanged at 1,743 basis points, according to an index prepared by JPMorgan.

Tuesday 20.02

09:50 oil record loss

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil, which operates on the New York futures market (NYMEX), fell 0.39% this morning and was trading at US$78.88 per barrel in the March delivery contract.

Similarly, Brent oil from the North Sea, which is sold in the London Electronic Market (ICE), declined by 0.86% and stood at US$82.84 a barrel in the contract for April, according to information reported by Bloomberg agency. Agreed.

Meanwhile, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) reported that its crude oil basket closed at US$82.89 per barrel yesterday, compared to US$82.63 per barrel last Friday, showing an increase of 0.31%.

Tuesday 20.02

08:30 Blue dollar is trending at $1,110

The blue dollar reached $1,110, while the official dollar stood at $855.50.

On the other hand, Solidarity dollars and card dollars have the same value at $1,368.80.

The wholesale dollar was at $836.70, while the MEP dollar was at $1,108.61.

Ultimately, the CCL dollar, known as cash with settlement, reached $1,143.92.

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