Austin Butler and Callum Turner on ‘Masters of the Air’ special friendship (Video)

Austin Butler and Callum Turner prepare to take off as Major Gale “Buck” Cleven and John “Bucky” Egan in Apple TV+. lord of air,

Follow-up to the Steven Spielberg-Tom Hanks-produced wartime hit band of Brothers And CalmnessThe show follows the 100th Bomb Group as they bomb Nazi Germany and face terrifying combat 25,000 feet in the air. Chatting with Turner and Egan, TV Insider learned a little more about their characters and the onscreen bond that serves as the story’s heartbeat.

Austin Butler and Callum Turner for 'Masters of the Air'

(Credit: Apple TV+)

“He’s an extrovert, to say the least,” Turner jokes of his character, who, he says, “joined up before Pearl Harbor and wanted to fight the good fight the only way he knew how.” That route was flying. What both Buck and Bucky have in common is a shared love for the sky. Additionally, Turner says, Bucky, “wanted to protect his future and our future.”

And while Bucky may be an extrovert, Butler explains, “Claven is a less spoken, introverted guy, but they’re best friends.”

“And so they’re the yin and yang, and both of them were talked about as the two best pilots in the 100th Bomb Group,” Butler elaborated, calling the men “leaders among their squadron.” Like Bucky, Buck also joined up before Pearl Harbor, and as the actor says, they both “had hearts of gold.”

Ultimately, Butler says, it’s their bond that got him interested in the project. “Their friendship is the thing that attracted me to it, seeing how much they cared about each other, even though they were so different,” he muses.

Turner echoed his sentiment, saying, “We were really best buds, loved each other.” Check out these two in the video above, and don’t miss them when the series debuts on Apple TV+.

lord of airSeries Premiere, Friday, January 26, Apple TV+

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