Austin Butler reveals several people fainted on set

Whereas Dune: Part 2 When moviegoers are about to go, the actors promote the film, revealing some behind-the-scenes secrets for future audiences. This is the case of Austin Butler, who was particularly impressed by the extremely difficult filming conditions in the middle of the desert.

Blue sky and sand as far as the eye can see. The planet Arrakis is a wonderful treasure that is not for everyone. cast of Dune: Part 2 can actually understand it better than anyone else who has encountered it Extremely hot and dry climate during film shooting, The apparent inaccessibility of the Fremen country is due not only to the successful visual effects, but also to the really complex weather, which the members of the film team had to contend with for weeks. The experience was difficult for the actors, and especially for Austin Butler, who board comparison ” a microwave ,

“It was 43 degrees, it was very hot”

As part of an interview with Entertainment WeeklyActor Austin Butler talks about the challenge that represents Dune: Part 2 For him. the latter, who distinguished himself elvis In 2022, Denis Villeneuve did not appear in the first part of the saga, but was chosen to support Fayed-Routha’s roleThe Nephew and heir of Baron Harkonnen In this second composition. A great opportunity, which also became a great challenge.

Although some shooting took place in Italy and Hungary, a large portion of the filming was done there. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The desert setting may have been spectacular with its ocher and orange colours, but the climate was not conducive to the teams. , The temperature was 43 degrees, it was very hot “, explained the American actor, returning to one of the first scenes he had to shoot.

Fayed-Routha (Austin Butler) in Dune: Part Two
© Warner Bros.

At that time, Feyd-Rautha must fight a trio of warriors in the gladiator arena to prove his worth to his uncle. The fight the 32-year-old actor led against the scorching temperatures. , I had a bald wig on my head, and it was between two sets, which were like gray boxes with 60-meter walls and sand. It was like a microwave. People there were fainting from the heat. and it was my first week ,

However, Austin Butler believes that these apocalyptic conditions also had positive consequences. , It really brought the teams together “, He says. “ It’s a humbling thing to find yourself in such an uncomfortable environment. ,

Denis Villeneuve does not regret the break between two filmings dune

Image from the movie Dune: Part Two
© Warner Bros.

In such situations, it is hard to imagine folding the two shutters dune One after another and yet, that’s pretty much what happened. For big Hollywood sagas, it is not unusual for multiple parts to be shot at the same time, which is why this was considered for Denis Villeneuve’s project. However, eventually there was a long break between the two films and the director is now feeling relieved.

, Both films were shot in very tough and physically demanding conditions, so it was a blessing to have a break in between “, he admitted.” My first thought was to do both the films back to back, but now I think I will die. It was really intense and seeing how the world reacted to Dune: Part One was a boost of positive energy to return to the desert. ,

The morning of the release of his new film, which will hit theaters 28 FebruarySo, the Canadian filmmaker may already be thinking about continuing the adventures of Paul Atreides. All that remains is to wait and see whether the public reception will give them the courage to fly to the dunes of Arabia once again.

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