Australian Open 2024 | Djokovic reveals what he likes most about the new generation and what Federer hates about them

ben shelton all that remains is the will to face Novak Djokovik In this Australian Open This Friday, January 19, after losing to the French Adrian Mannarino Thus the possibility of conflict against the Serbians was eliminated.

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Bernardo Scotti

Shelton has handled his loss well and pointed out faith He has achieved victory by the level of play shown today against the Frenchman, an aspect that has been important in the earlier stages of his career and he himself Djokovic admitted in a press conferenceHowever, it shows the difference between the security the American has and the lack of respect he describes “An invisible line of acceptable behavior.”

Djokovic also used himself as an example when he showed his confidence early in his career, something he said seemed to bother him. Roger FedererBut what Now he admires youngsters like Shelton and Carlos Alcaraz.

,I know Federer didn’t like my behavior on the court. He didn’t like it, I don’t know about the others. I guess I wasn’t a favorite of the people at the top because I was never afraid to say that I wanted to be the best in the world. I was confident and felt like I had the game for it. I have never disrespected anyone. Respect must always be present,” Djokovic said at a news conference.

Novak Djokovic and Ben Shelton at US Open 2023

Frank Franklin II/LaPresse

Djokovic and Shelton During this time they had already had a confrontation us open Last year the Serbian defeated the American, whom he accused of not behaving respectfully and even made fun of his celebration by slapping an imaginary telephone.

As far as Alcaraz is concerned, their rivalry has been more respectful in terms of behavior, but on the field has since been complicated. Spaniard wins Wimbledon final And Noll did just that by winning the Cincinnati Open.

Novak Djokovic praises youth’s confidence

Noll recalls his professional debut And he received criticism for his playing style and ambitions to be the best, but always maintain respect for the opponentHowever he ultimately emphasized and praised Shelton’s confidence.

Novak Djokovik

James Ross/EFE

“That kind of criticism gave me more strength.”, If I made a mistake, I accepted it., I will apologize or whatever, but if the criticism is without reason, I will go in the direction I have chosen. Not everyone can like you. It’s who you are, how you play, how you behave and what you say. We are all different and have our own tastes. I think that It’s good that Shelton is confident.It doesn’t matter to me, I support it 100%, that someone goes to court with the confidence with which Prismik went to court the other day, but there is a line of acceptable behavior that is not visible In relation to the other player. If that line is crossed, it’s annoying. He said, “I am in favor of the youth showing and expressing their confidence.”

Now Novak Djokovik Is set to face Adrian Mannarino in the round of 16 Australian Open This Saturday, January 20th.

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