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Are you one of those crazy about WhatsApp mobile messaging application? Well, you need to know that they have launched a new blocking function for those unwanted messages that you do not recognize at all. We tell you below.

According to press reports, WhatsApp has launched a new feature for which many users were waiting for a long time. This is a faster and more convenient way to block unwanted messages without opening them.

Meta’s own messaging app communicated this news (via a message on its official platform account, explaining the new feature). This allows that, when you receive a message from an unknown contact on your lock screen, you just have to press and hold the notification and several options will appear.

One of them is to block the sender right away. So easy and useful. The app also shows you a second pop-up message if you want to report a contact.

New blocking feature in WhatsApp

how to do it? Simply check the Report Contacts box and then select Block in the pop-up window that will appear on your device. Well, the update saves you the hassle of opening the app and searching through chats to block those unwanted messages.

This new option is designed to save you time when you want to block someone without having to go through submenus and go through the hassle of finding and opening a chat. Before that, you have to open the chat and look in the drop-down menu for the block option.

Therefore, the process has been simplified without losing efficiency. By the way, another way to do this in WhatsApp was to long press a message in the chat list and then enter the drop-down menu to find the desired option.

Thus WhatsApp continues its fight against spam with new features that give you more control over your messaging experience. This latest update allows you to block unwanted messages from the lock screen, making it easier to handle spam and improving the fluidity of your conversations.

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