MIR 2024 These 10 best places are available for foreigners

He mir 2024 exam one is lying ‘Top 10’ of Spanish Nationalities, Although foreign applicant People who have taken the Resident Internal Medicine test have also been successful in achieving very high ranking numbers. Thus, the country which has taken Brazil has had the best position in foreign MIRIn position 102, although others such as Colombia, Italy or Morocco stand out for their great results.

medical writing have collected, together javier perez de rojasResident Doctor of Preventive Medicine, to generate data of foreign candidates scoring best in MIR 2024 MIR ‘Top 10’ of foreign candidates, Thus, brazil This is the country with the best order numbers after Spain rank 102, Since you don’t have to go very far to get second place in this foreign MIR ranking 105th place It is occupied by an applicant of Moroccan nationality. “Number 3”, which is actually prevalent Position 108 is also native to Morocco,

The fourth of the first ten foreign MIR order numbers is occupied by the applicant Peru, at number 122While the fifth and sixth positions correspond to Italy (serial no. 125 and 126), Ranking is complete Panama ranked 156th, morocco Again order number 179, Colombia one who reaches the position 180 And israelWhich closes this ‘Top 10’ with numbers 193,

Foreign Applicants in MIR 2024

Overall for 2024 MIR testing 32 percent foreigners have come, This percentage is higher than in previous years, which was around 26 or 28 percent. Out of 4,422 foreigners who appeared for the exam Most frequent nationalities They are: Colombia (26 percent), Ecuador (12 percent), Peru (8 percent), Bolivia (7 percent) or Venezuela (7 percent).

According to the classification based on nationality that the CTO collected with the provisional data of recruitment, Colombia is the foreign country to top the list with 1,250 applicants., Ecuador is in second place for the largest representation, with 600 applicants, and the platform is completed by Peru, in which 407 doctors will take the MIR 2024 exam.

‘Top 10’ MIR 2024

The best order numbers of the MIR 2024 exam have achieved very high marks, reaching some historical data. In particular, this year’s number one Noelia Garcia has obtained 186.67 NET, which is a record and, at the same time, with a peculiarity: she prepared it in online mode and, as the doctor explained medical writing, “He has trained himself for most of the process.”, This year’s number two is also historic: alphonso gotor Its net is 182.67, which is more than three nets more than the best historical score so far. was in first place Number one of MIR 2020, Daniel VircedaWho scored 179.42 net.

If we continue to talk about this call, the fifth in the historical ranking is number three this year, Rebecca Aldaz, with 178.67 nett. in the sixth, Natalia EspasandinMIR is ranked fourth in 2024, having scored 177.67 NET. Other than this, Alicia AlbaladzeRanked fifth in this call, with a net score of 177.33, it is ranked eighth in the list of best MIR exams in history.

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