Avatar 3, 4 and 5 are going to be “crazy”, teases Zoe Saldana

Neytiri’s interpreter says of James Cameron, “We thought Titanic was going to be his legacy, but it turns out it’s going to be Avatar .”

At the beginning of the year, Sam Worthington teased her return Imminent on the set of the sequelAvatar Talking about the three upcoming blockbusters: “It’s bigger than you can imagine.”

this week is Stephen Lang Which confirms the information: the villain Quaritch’s interpreter got his performance capture suit on the New Zealand set. He doesn’t comment on her photos, but his Instagram post confirms this James Cameron Release is on time as planned avatar 3 in December 2025, then number 4 in late 2029 and finally the final creation in 2031.

Avatar 3: James Cameron talks about “two hectic years of post-production”

interviewed by collider On the occasion of the broadcast of Special Ops: Lionessby taylor sheridan, zoe saldana Adds his stone to the building.

“It’s going to be amazing, Neytiri’s interpreter confirms, avatar 3 It’s going to be amazing, then with 4 and 5 it’s going to get even weirder. This is true. (James Cameron) Will turn your mind upside down. This is his legacy. we thought it would be titanicBut it turns out that it will happen eventually Avatar, and to be a part of such innovative and creative work, which somehow makes it our legacy as well. I am very excited to be back. We’re going back to work next week, I can’t wait to see everyone again.”

James Cameron reveals that Avatar 3 will be told from Lok's perspective

For now, this is what we know about its outcomeAvatar and of water way : n°3 will be Narrated by Loak (Britten Dalton) And no more by Jake Sully, and he will once again feature Na’Vis, “People of Ashes”, We should find all the major characters from the second film there, and we know we will a leap in time in the middle of the fourth act, which explains why some of the final confrontation scenes had already been shot: thus allowing the young actors to complete their scenes important to the plot before they grew up and changed too much physically. Were capable.

“My model was the same one that Peter Jackson worked with The Lord of the Rings, detailed James Cameron All about its sequel at the time of release water way, This was a crazy bet in its time. And congratulations to them indeed. He took advantage of the opportunity given to him to launch these three films at the same time. But he had books as reference points, for example, to show the actors what they needed to know about their character. So I felt like I had to do the same thing. I feel it is important to think about this Avatar As if the books already existed. So the only way to do it was to write all the scripts and let the actors read all the scripts. So they can see where their characters are going and what it means. Nothing that they couldn’t really play in that moment, but I think it was something that the actors had to incorporate in preparation for their characters.”

James Cameron
Marshal Auror/ABACA

“The actors knew we were going to film little bits of the sequel here and there, He continued. Not necessarily in order. We shot parts of it onceavatar 2part of a dayavatar 3second part ofavatar 4, It was a challenge, but it’s no different than when you’re working on a limited series, for example, that spans 6 hours or 8 hours. It was the perfect way to approach it with my actors, and also to make them see the purpose of this thing, so that they were inspired and excited. Because the story is amazing. by the time we arrive avatar 4 And 5 – If we’re lucky enough to get this far – there’s work to be done ,

He was also already teasing the sequel “crazy”As Zoe Saldana says now: “When I submitted the script for avatar 2, the studio returned three pages of notes to me. Then when I gave them the script avatar 3, He gave me back only one page of notes. I guess I was improving. And finally I submitted the scriptavatar 4, and there was no note! The head of the studio, the creative director of the films, just wrote me an email saying: ‘Holy crap!’ Those are my grades! Because it’s going crazy in a good way, right?”

Since the release of the sequel, Cameron has also hinted that he may relinquish control ofavatar 4 Or 5 Is “A reliable director”, But for now, he is the one who is leading at number 3.

Avatar: 5 reliable directors who could replace James Cameron for the sequel

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