Match Summary: Rayados Vs. Mazatlan (2-1); Bertram won

striped Remains undefeated and super leader after 11 days after beating Mazatlán 2-1 in steel giantHowever it was a duel in which the Sinaloans were a nightmare for the royals.

And the Pacific team had countless dangerous arrivals, in which it was very easy to make plays. Monterey Stuck in serious trouble, so by some miracle the match did not end as a draw or the team’s first defeat. the gang,

Mazatlán They did not benefit and remained in 15th place with 9 points, while Rayados already have 25 points and remain at the top with seven games won and four draws.

From the first minutes, Gustavo Del Prete and Josue Coleman He caused trouble to the gang with his shots, but could not score a goal.

Great goal for 1-0

It was Monterrey who opened the account, when Gerardo Arteaga After going a long way, he sent a left-footed shot into the area. sebastian vegasThe Mexican from European football hit a volley and passed the far post, sending his shot into the net in the 18th minute to make it 1-0.

He pauses and answers

At 38′, sergio canales He took a leaked ball and fired a powerful shot at the goalkeeper, who made a poor tackle, sending the ball to the feet of Germain Bertram, who scored to make it 2–0.

Mazatlán was down on the scoreboard, but continued to try and make dangerous plays, such as at 45′, which edgar barkens He played an individual game inside the area and finished with a weak shot over the goalkeeper.

At the time of compensation, striped In the end he fell behind an opponent who demanded and Gustavo Del Prete also had to go one-on-one with Andrada, with the forward sweeping for his shot, but he hit on the arm take the archer with you auction And the opportunity was lost, and although they insisted, they went to the locker room with the score against them.

Already with a two-goal lead, tano ortiz they made changes, relaxed Jesus Corona, Brandon Vazquez and Sergio Canales, giving the opportunity to Maxi Meza, Omar Govea already Ponchito Gonzalez.

Mazatlan did not give up

Raidos should not relax, as the guest looked dangerous at all times and in the 56th minute, louis amarilla He hit a ball inside the area loaded on the right, but the ball flew into a good opportunity for Mazatlcos; This will just be a warning of what will happen next.

And Amarilla’s goal came in the 59th minute, as they stole the ball from the Albiazul defense early on, where andres montano He manages to pass the ball to where his teammate was, who takes a shot from outside the area to bring the team closer to 2-1.

criminal and non-criminal

the referee Cesar Ramos Keeping the defender in mind, maximum penalty was imposed in the 79th minute. jair diaz He played handball at the Maxi Meza Centre; they called him immediately VARAnalyzed the video and decided to remove the mark, as the ball clearly hit him in the face.

Still at 89′, alan medina He entered the area and shot before Andrada could come out, but the goalkeeper was able to stop it; Before this game, he had fired a shot from one side of the goal, in such a way that the six minutes of compensation were expected to be intense; However, the scoreboard did not change.

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