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Kenichi Sakuma, a Japanese personal trainer who has worked with some of the Asian country’s most recognized celebrities, have revolutionized the fitness world in recent years. Sakuma has developed a method that is based on his name, thanks to which you can get a stylish figure in just two weeks with just five minutes of daily exercise.

What does the Sakuma Method focus on? Daily exercise routine that not only helps you lose weight but also corrects body posture, This approach challenges the notion that more exercise equals better results, providing an effective and efficient alternative.

Sakuma Method, Japanese exercise for losing weight

For Lose weight and improve figureThe Sakuma Method proposes a series of short exercises, each lasting one minute, that focus on strengthening the abdominal and torso muscles. This not only contributes to slimming the figure, but also increases basal metabolism, which means the body burns more calories even at rest, resulting in a more significant reduction in body fat with less effort.

the first step is to fix it Bad Postural Habits That Can Prevent Fat Loss, The muscles of the torso sometimes become unbalanced, which can lead to uneven tilt of the pelvis and, as a result, fat accumulation in areas such as the abdomen, arms or legs.

Sakuma teaches the method use torso muscles correctly, to align the spine and position the pelvis perpendicular to the floor. It not only tones the core, but also ensures that the five main joints (neck, shoulders, pelvis, knees and ankles) are properly aligned and the muscles throughout the body are working in a balanced manner.


For improve balance, Sit with your legs together and your torso leaning forward. Place your palms on the floor and rise quickly until you are on tiptoes, keeping your arms extended and hands open. Stretch upward as far as possible and repeat this sequence 10 times.

For reduce waist circumference, Lie down and bend your legs and place your hands under your head. Bend your waist until your palm fits between your lower back and the floor and hold this position for 20 seconds. Then, while inhaling, contract your abdomen and release the air for 10 seconds. Repeat this process three times.

For strengthen chest, Sit in a chair with your arms crossed and your feet hip-width apart. Grasp your elbows with your hands and place them apart on your knees, then raise your arms above your head without moving your torso. Stay in this posture for 6 seconds and repeat this action 10 times.

For tone the stomach and buttocksStart lying face down with your hands folded behind your neck. Without leaving your stomach off the floor, lift your upper body up and straight up, pressing your legs together while arching your back. Hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat this three times, resting between each repetition.

For tone thighs, Lie face down with your arms crossed under your chin. Lift your legs and cross your ankles, then lift your bent knees while separating your muscles from the floor. Hold this position for 6 seconds and repeat the exercise 10 times to help get your thighs back to their optimal shape.

It is recommended during the first two weeks Do these exercises daily And then from the third week reduce the frequency to three times a week.


For Lose Weight Using Sakuma MethodIt is essential to combine daily exercise with a healthy diet. According to the Japanese coach, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which should be eaten within the first half hour after getting up from bed. It also recommends including high-quality protein in your diet, at least 1.5 grams for every kilogram of body weight.

Sakuma method diet It is based on eating three meals a day and staying well hydrated with water. It is advised to avoid alcohol consumption and, if you want to eat something sweet, divide the portion into two parts for better digestion and thus increased energy expenditure. By following these dietary guidelines, you will activate your metabolism to facilitate weight loss.

The Sakuma method is summarized in a five-minute daily exercise routine. to achieve weight loss goals With this system, you must commit to following this exercise chart every day for the first two weeks, and then alternate exercise days with rest days starting in the third week. This simple yet effective method has gained popularity around the world.

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