A flight in New Zealand had a technical accident and several people were injured

50 minor injuries, 13 people hospitalized and one passenger in critical condition, caused by a “technical incident” during a flight LATAM It was still up in the air.

The airline did not disclose the problem. However, he pointed out that this shock caused plane There was a strong movement, which affected many passengers.

As reported New Zealand HeraldHe flight The LA 800, which was traveling from Sydney to Chile, lost altitude when it was an hour away from reaching its first stop at Auckland International Airport.

In fact, some special portals that track air traffic in real time showed that the plane had started descend From 3 pm and according to media D.W.The plane landed at 15:58 GMT

Confronted with the incident, Latam gave a brief statement in which he explained that it was all a Technical Problem,

The airline said, “Flight LA800, which flies today on the Sydney-Auckland route, encountered a technical problem during flight, which caused a violent turbulence (…) As a result of the incident, some passengers and cabin crew were affected. ”

Furthermore, the company said that the plane has arrived in the city new zealand “according to schedule.”

And he further said that “after Cancelled In flight, a new flight (LA1130) was defined for March 12, 2024, scheduled to depart Auckland at 8:00 pm local time for Santiago de Chile. “LATAM is providing food and accommodation services to passengers affected by the flight suspension.”

Passengers’ story: ‘They hit the roof’

Following the public scare, one of the passengers on board the plane, identified as Priscilla Waller-Subritzky, told the newspaper New Zealand Herald how to live the inner moments airplane,

According to their story, when the plane lost altitude “many passengers and crew fell onto the roof of the plane.”

Many passengers and crew fell onto the roof of the aircraft.

“I got into fighting mode and started helping wherever I could because the team was suffering injuries,” he recalled.

Once adrenaline What happened, Priscilla was in a lot of pain and had to go to the emergency room.

“I have been on many flights before, but this was completely out of character for me,” the woman said.

Another passenger reported the incident. (reference image)


On the other hand, another passenger named Daniel told the aforementioned newspaper that he had never experienced anything like this: “The plane suddenly fell uncut And about 30 people hit the roof.”

Another passenger, Brian Jocat, gave radio new zealand It looked like a horror movie. The man was wearing a seat belt.

Then people started shouting. I thought the plane had gone down; It felt like I was on a roller coaster.

She said, “I thought I was dreaming. I opened my eyes and he was standing on the roof of the plane looking at me. It was like the Exorcist.”

He added, “Then people started screaming. I thought the plane was falling; it felt like I was on a roller coaster, and then it leveled out again.”

In the end, LATAM regretted what happened and apologized for the inconvenience.

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