Baltimore removes Dominican Basallo from the roster

One of the franchises that has improved in recent years baltimore orioles, which in the last season also mlb, They won their division pennant.

now, currently spring training On the campaign trail for 2024 Chief, has maintained its tremendous momentum. Ahead of the match on March 16, they are top of the league with a record of 16 wins and only five losses.

On that date, the Baltimore Orioles organization made a decision about one of their prospects who was only 19 years old.

Baltimore Orioles Official Statement

,The Orioles have made the following roster moves: C Samuel Basallo was reassigned to minor league camp. The Orioles currently have 49 players on their spring training roster (38+10 NRI+1 IL).,

«The Orioles have made the following moves to their roster: They have reassigned C Samuel Basal For little league camp. The Orioles spring training roster currently consists of 49 players (38+10 NRI+1 IL).

In the said meetings, Basalo left a line .250/.250/.500 (PRO/OBP/OPS), where he had only one hit in four at-bats, leaving one strikeout on his record.

Minor league statistics

It should be noted that in milb The Latin player has very good numbers. He performed brilliantly in the 2023 season average of .313 and a .953 opsProduct of 131 hits, 20 of them are home runsWith 26 doubles and seven triples.

Additionally, he batted .86 and drove in 75 runs, where he received 61 walks and stole 12 bases. Therefore, it has shown that it has immense potential.

Since his debut in the Minors baltimore orioles In 2021, he has posted an offensive line of .291/.378/.874 Had 31 home runs, 137 RBI and 115 runs scored.

Thanks to these numbers, it is very likely that we will see the Dominican make his debut with the Orioles team in a short time.

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