Batman 2 with Robert Pattinson will be released in 2026

Trailer for The Batman (2022) by Matt Reeves.

Batman Part II movie starring Robert Pattinson expected in 2026

Bad news for Gotham City fans. next Batman (2022), batman part ii, will not be released until October 2, 2026 in the United States (and possibly until September 30, 2026 in France). The film starring Robert Pattinson (soon to be shown). mickey 17 by Bong Joon-ho) and Barry Keoghan (recently seen naked settleburn), delayed due to the Hollywood strike. The feature film was initially scheduled to be released in theaters in October 2025. Filming should begin in 2025.

The Batman, a dark and powerful superhero film with Robert Pattinson

Should a superhero movie be an escape from the chaos of the world or reflect what we experience? Bruce Wayne’s final adventure in Gotham City amidst the darkness chose the second option. in 2022, with the first part of Batmandirector matt reeves ,Cloverfield: Planet of the Apes: Supremacy) decided to immerse the audience in a highly political context, against the backdrop of the election.

There we find a lonely vigilante seeking vengeance, batman ,Robert Pattinson) to strike fear among criminals and join forces with a lieutenant to find a terrifying serial killer. The latter, presented by A paul dan At the top of his game, he has made it his mission to assassinate the powerful people of the city. He wants to free the society from corruption emanating from officials and personalities greedy for money and evil. A fight against what the elite class gives Batman The social aspects of a “pamphlet” film where abuse of power and lies are punished with acts of incredible violence.

Among the sinister figures of the underworld featured in this monumental blockbuster, we meet Carmine Falcone (john turturro) and Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin (Colin Farrell, But this Penguin may be a completely different character than the villain of the Man-Bat saga. Because if we find batmobile and black knight attire, Batman This feels like a very dark metaphysical thriller or serial killer movie Amount (2007) More than a superhero blockbuster. It is certainly a question of saving the world that is being ruined, but philosophical – dear themes to the author’s works are constantly brought to light. Matt Reeves tells us about the power of masks (which allow us to truly be ourselves), justice (and justice), the meaning of revenge, relationships of dominance, despair, corruption, suicide, love (which involves making hard choices). I force you to think. ) or even to mourn.

Zoë Kravitz in The Batman (2022).
Zoë Kravitz in The Batman (2022).

Zoë Kravitz in The Batman (2022).

Zoe Kravitz rocks the screen in The Batman

In this psychological meltdown that lasts almost three hours, Robert Pattinson bursts onto the screen. Magnetic, romantic and dark, the actor makes Bat a vigilante who is more of a grunge rock star than a superhero, introspective, restless, full of doubt and sad. Inspired by Kurt Cobain (We listen to the notes Nirvana In the movie River), the boy made it so robert smith Also very reminiscent of the central character of The Cure Crow, another bird of misfortune. Batman thus becomes a kind of vampire or ghost who questions good or evil in the manner of the Joker, interpreted with brilliant madness by Joaquin Phoenix.

Despite his good intentions, he carries within himself a good dose of dark thoughts and self-destructive impulses that make him much more endearing than previous versions of Batman (played by). Michael Keaton, val kilmer Or George Clooney, Questioning his value system as well as his family’s morality, he gives a noble face to all the rebels in the world. Just like the one the hero loves, Selina Kyle aka Catwoman (awesome). zoe kravitz), the vengeful punk and kitten who gives a beauty to the concepts of freedom and rebellion that haunts us long after we’ve seen the horrific Twilight fresco.

The Batman Part II (2024) by Matt Reeves, starring Robert Pattinson, in theaters in the United States on October 2, 2026 and possibly On September 30, 2026 in France.


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