Houston Astros make 5 roster changes

Houston Astros The roster was moved again.

In form of opening day Teams are sizing up their options. a good portion of the players minor league They abandon concentration. In some cases they are informed directly when the season will start. triple A one of two double A, In others they are assigned to the camp of minors Where they get the opportunity to remain with the team later spring training,

This Tuesday, March 19 Houston Astros face’s miami marlins in its commitment to spring training, champion team of American League West Division He has a record of 10 wins and 14 losses.

Houston Astros make 5 roster changes

manager’s tuesday afternoon Astros, joe espadamade the decision with some of its baseball players.

tray cabbage And david hensley was sent to triple A, During this, drew stroman, cole macdonald And Wander Serum They’re back in training camp minor league, As he said himself SwordPlayers still have a chance to stay in the camp opening day,

“If you are still in the camp, you have a chance to be a part of this team. That’s how I see it”, the new manager said Houston Astros,

In addition to five roster changes, Sword Reported on other current affairs in his team.

gray kessinger He will be out for a few days after a leg problem. The 26-year-old infielder has improved his performances in recent times. Besides, jose urquidi Will not be available for some time. He recently decided that he would start the season on the injured list.

Justin Verlander His recovery continues. very soon you will start doing this live batting practice with Houston Astros, Regarding the rotation issue, against this Tuesday miami marlins, brandon bilak He’ll throw 50 to 55 pitches.

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