“Before the game we played to win and the second leg will be the same”

Axel Witsel analyzed the defeat of athletic In front of him Inter,


“That goal was very embarrassing. The first half was good. We missed in the last 15, 20 metres, something different from what we usually do. The second half was a bit difficult, where we didn’t have much of the ball. Second half was tough. But “we defended well in the end. It’s a shame we conceded this goal.”

play off

“Shameful. If we had done that straight away in the second half (when they had two chances after being 1-0 down) the game could have been different. We are back at home, with our fans, and We’re in a great environment.” Crazy and we can do it.


“This is the Champions League. It’s the highest level. But we have another chance. We know it’s not easy to come here. It’s a difficult area. Of course the draw was much better for us, but we go with everything we can.” Have been.” “Second phase.”


“It’s a shame to concede a goal at the end, the first half was good, we needed to create a little more in the last 15 metres. In the second it was more difficult, Inter had more possession and they had more chances. But we were good. “Defended. We needed to score, but on a hard ground, a draw was better, but the comeback at home with our fans.

tying option

“It can happen to any player, we are human, it is a Champions League match, the important thing is to be positive and think that the second leg is at home, there will be a very hot atmosphere there and we can do it.”


“We can hurt Inter, we have to give everything in 90 or 120 minutes on the field and do everything to win and go through the tie.”


“Before the game we played to win and it will be the same in the second leg, we did not calculate, it is not good. We are going with everything.”

inter best in the end

“When the second half started we didn’t have the ball, we always defended, Inter was at home, the fans started to believe more to score goals, but in difficult moments the team was performing well.”


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