Rihanna: The MCE Editorial Staff’s Top 5 Favorite Songs!

On the occasion of Rihanna’s 36th birthday, MCE wanted to pay tribute to the icon through 5 iconic songs from her career.

Rihanna turned 36 this Tuesday, February 20. To honor him, we take a look back at his extremely diverse musical career. Here are MCE’s favorite songs!

rihanna always surprises

Who else but Rihanna will reveal her second pregnancy (to us and her dad) Super Bowl mid-2023, Nobody saw this announcement coming. While the singer had to fulfill a little girl’s dream, All her attention was almost stolen by her child,

Indeed, it was very courageous to reveal this information to the whole world on such a widely watched program. But, he still did it! in loewe jumpsuit Rihanna bared her baby bump like never before.

So, he got everyone to agree. He has only hit films in his account. Enough to get the crowd going.

Be it his fans or people who heard him at the beginning of his career. What this means is that pon de replay Released in 2005. What a flashback!

Although Rihanna has not released a new album since ANTI in 2016, she has released a few songs. As Loyalty In achievement with Kendrick Lamar, believe it WITH PARTYNEXTDOOR OR even fresher Lift me up And Rebirth,

Besides, Everyone was eagerly waiting for this musical comeback., And for good reason, rihanna signed the soundtrack Of black panther 2, Class!

The latest news is that Rihanna has filmed a music video in Paris. But it’s hard to know if his long-awaited ninth album is on the way, even if his beloved A$AP Rocky says yes.

In the meantime, let’s revisit Rihanna’s hit songs. MCE tells you more!

Our 5 Favorite Rihanna Songs

For the needs of this music top focused on Rihanna, each journalist on the editorial team took part in the game of listing their favorite songs by the star. And the first song that comes to mind is *drum roll*:


This is the song that has returned to the MCE top the most times. Yes, this hit undoubtedly remains the editor’s banger. It seems like This music is also Rihanna’s favorite, So the circle is closed!

Russian Roulette

Instant nostalgia is guaranteed with this song which comes in second place with 5 votes. Sure, this song isn’t very funny, but it’s gutsy so I don’t want to mention it. For some information, Rihanna reportedly talks about her love story with Chris Brown, A tumultuous relationship.

Furthermore, to play her role, the singer was able to rely on ex-star Grey’s Anatomy, Jesse Williams, Yes, Jackson Avery is the wrong guy in his music video.

We found love

Still in love with my ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, That’s why Rihanna didn’t hesitate to talk about her many failures In this song. Did this feat with Calvin Harris and is still making many people dance even today. In short, she is still as successful as ever, despite the fact that she talks about the fact that the singer defeated her in 2009.

For some information, This song should have been sung by another singer, Namely Leona Lewis, to whom we owe the hit Bleeding Love.

bitch better take my money

When we talk about this song how can we not think about the music video? Or Rihanna’s performance at the HeartRadio Music Awards in 2015? if you don’t have never seen it liveSo this article is a hint to check it out immediately.

Do you know ? Kanye West and Travis Scott are behind this hit, Actually, two rappers have written and composed the song. Amazing, isn’t it?

man down by rihanna

Released in 2011, Rihanna’s music video, Man Down tells the story of a murdered man. Criminal, singer. And with good reason, it happens after an attack.

So in this song Rihanna takes revenge. A cry from the heart for the many women and people who find themselves stuck in this scenario.

And you ? What are your favorite Rihanna songs? let us know on our instagram,

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