Belokopit was insulted in a restaurant for increasing prepaid medicine. Swiss medical owner’s bad moment

claudio bellokopiteSwiss Medical Group and owner of Medicus, scolded This week In his restaurant in Palermo A group of people had complained to him about the huge increase in prepaid payments for January and February.

strange moment happened roldanA grill that operates at the Palermo Equestrian Club, located at 5100 Avenida Figueroa Alcorta, and which is Belokopit, owned by Daniel Villa and Jose Luis Manzano.

The exclusive gastronomic establishment was inaugurated during Machrismo in late 2018, and is frequented by politicians, businessmen and entertainment figures.

The claim on the businessman comes at a time of extreme escalation: a few days before DNU 70/2023 of Xavier Miley comes into effect, Prepaid companies hike rates by 40% for January and announce new hikes for February and MarchDue to which many people will no longer be able to pay the rates and will have to cancel their plans.

Anticipating this dire scenario, members began turning to justice. For example, this Monday, Judge Martina Fornes ordered the Italian Benevolent Society in Buenos Aires to readjust the health plan fees of a 78-year-old user who had complained against the steep increases.

after daysThe same judge issued another precautionary measure in favor of a user of the provider Omint SA, whose 4-year-old son “undertakes a number of treatments through the defendant, in connection with his disability due to the diagnosis of Down syndrome.”The remedy is that, if “the price increases are consolidated, it will be difficult for you to continue receiving the services provided by Omint.”

In both cases, the judge ruled for the exclusive benefit of the injured complainants, pending a substantive decision regarding the requested DNU’s unconstitutionality in relation to health services.

Whereas, The Civic Coalition submitted a complaint to the National Commission for the Defense of Competition for “potential cartelization behavior” in the prepaid pharmaceutical services the companies that form the Argentine Health Union (UAS), led by Claudio Bellocapite, to raise prices for users and providers.

The complaint states,anti competitive practice The provision is made in subsection A of Article 2 of Law 27,422 on the Defense of Competition. In this conduct, the Civic Coalition reported, “the main companies providing the service referred to would have participated and, according to statements by the directors themselves, They concentrate more than half of the total users of the entire prepaid drug market in Argentina,

The complainants attached “as evidence” circulars from Swiss Medical, Medif, German hospitals, British hospitals, Galen, Omint and – they said – “through the media it became known that the same thing happens with OSDE.” In what sense, They requested that “the behavior of the UAS be analyzed and whether its rules or practices comply with CNDC standards regarding this type of trading rooms.”

They also attached “journalistic notes presumably from one of the people involved saying: that there were meetings to coordinate the setting of increases for users; an estimated increase of about 40% was set for users;” They presumably agreed upon contractual policies with their suppliers in the provision of service; And they estimate that agreed pricing policies could impact an average of 30% of service users’ losses.”

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