Berlin Film Festival 2024: Saoirse Ronan plays an alcoholic in ‘The Outrun’

24 February 2024
Berlin Festival 2024 Print 17
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By Nora Fingscheidt
With Saoirse Ronan, Papa Essiedu, Stephen Dillane…

Our first impressions of the film “The Outrun”:

This is one of the nice surprises of the panorama section, a sensitive and anguished portrait of a young alcoholic woman who moved with her family to the Orkney Islands, in the north east of Scotland, to isolate themselves. After a few introductory scenes briefly describing her arrival at her mother’s house and the fact that she helps on her father’s farm, especially taking care of the sheep, the film unfolds its complex structure. . Between attempts at remorse and sudden outbursts, played by a surprisingly feverish Saoirse Ronan, the film paints a disturbing picture, interspersed with flashbacks to her growth in isolation and her relationship with the world, her interest in alcohol and her attempts at treatment. Presents the efforts one by one.

Thanks to an intense staging that gives pride of place to this anti-heroine’s sensibilities, the use of blur, a shaky camera, like the occasional splitting of a character’s face, director Nora Fingshed makes us feel known and lacking. . By drawing an analogy with local legends and the vibrations of nature (especially the crash of powerful waves…), it is the hope of mastery over oneself and the elements around one that invites us to this dark picture. , in which family and transmission also have their own importance.

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