Berlinale 2024: “The Outrun”, Saoirse Ronan, mythology and sobriety

In front of the camera of German director Nora Fingscheidt, Saoirse Ronan will have to face an addiction that haunts her. A sudden feeling, but incredibly gentle.

At the age of 29 and after a master’s degree in biology in London, Rona (Saoirse Ronan) is back into nightlife and alcohol. An addiction that has cost her dearly and she now intends to overcome it. So after a decade of absence, she has returned to her parents’ farm on the Orkney Islands. However, returning home will not be easy.

A favorite across the Atlantic during its presentation at Sundance, “The Outrun” is now turning the spotlight on itself for its major European premiere in Berlin. Adapted from the journalist’s eponymous memoirs amy liptrot and is under the control of Saoirse Ronan (who also serves as producer), German filmmaker Nora Fingscheidt There was a big project there. Following the excitement caused by “Benny” and his time at Netflix Sandra Bullock* In “The Unforgivable,” the director once again walks next to a volcanic character. And this gamble, as risky as it was, was largely successful.

Legend has it that the Orkney Islands are the tip of the tail of a dragon the size of the world. Borrowing from the folklore of the region that sets its sights on Iceland, “The Outrun” takes the form of an intimate and mysterious tale. Scores taken by the river (and violent) Saoirse Ronan, the staging reflects his painful inner murmurings. Make no mistake, the beauty of the images is sometimes deceptive, “The Outrun” remains a harrowing film in which Rhona faces discussion groups and a painful countdown of days of sobriety.

At the center of this redemptive epic, Nora Fingscheidt This is a major achievement considering the topic of alcoholism and psychological injuries and their intergenerational transmission. Tinted with magical realism, the feature film also takes a contemplative and contemplative tone, as if to soothe its protagonist’s indolent decline. Faced with the emptiness, isolation and vertigo of his parents Saoirse Ronan There will be poetic, biological, even ornithological. And despite some features specific to memory optimization, “The Outrun” caught us.


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