Best Celebrity Appearances in Wrestling Games


  • Playing as celebrities in wrestling games can be surprisingly fun and entertaining, showcasing their unique moves and styles.
  • Some celebrities, like Mike Tyson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, bring their iconic personalities and signature moves to the virtual wrestling ring.
  • From classic icons like Andy Kaufman to modern stars like Bad Bunny and Logan Paul, these playable characters add excitement to wrestling games.

The concept of celebrities appearing on wrestling shows has become a very common occurrence ever since the sport really started gaining mainstream popularity. Sometimes, it may be nothing more than a brief cameo, but other times, these celebrities will decide to actually prove their worth in the ring. Although not all of them have been very fun to watch, there are actually a good number of celebrities who have put in a lot of time and effort into giving the best possible performance.


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This trend has also been carried forward in many wrestling games, where a person who has become famous for their ventures outside of wrestling usually made an appearance as a playable character in bonus content or additional DLC. Is. As a result, quite a few have become playable. celebrities in wrestling games Over the years, but the guys listed below are by far the most fun to use when stepping into the squared circle.

7 Andy Kaufman (Legends of Wrestling 2)

Andy Kaufman’s legendary feud with Jerry Lawler resulted in him playing a big role in the storyline of Legends of Wrestling 2.

Andy Kaufman entering the wrestling ring

  • Release Date: November, 2002
  • Platform: GBA, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox
  • Developer: Acclaim Studios Salt Lake City

Longtime wrestling fans will remember a fairly heated debate in the 1980s between Jerry “The King” Lawler and incredibly influential American entertainer Andy Kaufman. It has since become known as one of the most iconic rivalries in wrestling history because of how fun and over-the-top it was, but it also led to Kaufman being introduced as a fairly elite title wrestler. legends of wrestling 2 Released in 2002.

In fact, the popular comedian actually plays a much larger role in the game’s story mode, where he becomes a constant thorn in the side of Jerry, rapidly climbing the ranks before being forced to take on his arch rival. . His movement may be a little limited, but being able to see Andy, a lifelong wrestling fan, in action is still a great way to show respect for the beloved entertainer.

6 Mike Tyson (WWE ’13)

Iron Mike’s appearance in WWE ’13 is filled with references to his brief time in Degeneration-X

Mike Tyson with D-Generation X shirt

  • Release Date: October, 2012
  • Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii
  • Developer: Yuk’s

thought 2K Over the years, more and more celebrities have slowly begun to feature in their wrestling games, but this was not always the case. As a result, Mike Tyson was added to the roster. wwe ’13 In fact it was pretty big for the franchise, there was even an entire trailer dedicated solely to his character. Of course, Mike is not new to being in the ring, he was the referee in the match between Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin. wrestlemania 14Where he was also a loyal member of Degeneration-X.


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As a tribute to that classic appearance, Mike wears his Degeneration-X shirt during his appearance wwe ’13 and even celebrated the signature cross-chop celebration with which the group became synonymous. His entrance may not be very flashy or memorable, but Mike’s no-nonsense wrestling style makes him an incredibly formidable opponent, especially if he can manage to pull off his devastating Knockout Punch finisher.

5 Arnold Schwarzenegger (WWE 2K16)

Arnie takes no prisoners when he gets off his bike and enters the square in WWE 2K16

Arnold Schwarzenegger next to his motorcycle

WWE 2K16

27 October 2015

Arnold’s announcement trailer has arrived WWE 2K16which recreates the iconic bar scene judgment day As with WWE wrestlers, people were extremely excited by the addition of the Terminator to the title, and it’s fair to say that he definitely did not disappoint. Arnie actually gets two different entrances that players can choose from when in the game; The first sees him emerging from a mysterious metal blob, a reference to the earlier terminator movieAnd another sees him riding his classy motorcycle through a huge plume of smoke before walking casually towards the ring.

Of course, given how massive Arnold’s physical physique is, he primarily plays as a wrestler, capable of throwing people around like dolls and has some devastating techniques up his sleeve, including a Tons of backbreakers and a clothesline involved. This portrayal of Arnold as a wrestler is an incredibly fun take on the actor, and the many references to his iconic role as the Terminator serve as icing on the cake for an amazing bonus character.

4 Andrew WK (Backyard Wrestling 2)

Andrew WK’s fast and chaotic wrestling style makes him a blast to play

Andrew WK's head banging

  • Release Date: November, 2004
  • Platform: PlayStation 2, Xbox
  • Developer: Paradox Development

For a sport that has “wrestling” in the title, most backyard wrestling 2‘s roster is actually made up of comedians, actors, and musicians, with the most exciting and fun take on the role being none other than pop-rock icon Andrew WK who, as the name suggests, backyard wrestlingIts gameplay does not follow the same rules as professional wrestling as all matches take place in back gardens, where there are plenty of objects and debris that players can use as weapons.

Luckily, Andrew’s fast and fluid fighting style accomplishes this very well, allowing him to circle around his opponent before unleashing a barrage of lightning-fast punches to put him down for good. . Although acting as Andrew is a blast, it’s also a lot of fun to watch his entrances and exits, where he can be seen bopping his head to the music and, at times, even his own lyrics, because That makes up a big part. Of the game’s catchy OST.

3 Fred Durst (WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It)

Despite being very difficult to unlock, Fred Durst’s top moves are a joy to watch on SmackDown! just bring it

fred durst

  • Release Date: November, 2001
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Developer: Yuk’s

Limp Bizkit’s lead singer, Fred Durst, is actually a secret character smack down! just bring it And can be unlocked by getting 15 consecutive wins on Slobberknocker mode when using the Undertaker. How obscure this secret challenge is meant that in 2001 not many people knew that Fred was even in the game, so needless to say, it was quite a surprise when rumors began to spread that he was actually completely in the game. was playable, especially considering how big the band was at the time.


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Although he is a secret character, Fred is also by far one of the brightest and most over-the-top wrestlers in the entire game, something that is made very clear by his entrance where he blasts “Rollin'” in front of a sellout. Performs. -Bringing out the crowd by standing over the low rider. That’s not all though, as Fred also has some great moves once he gets in the ring, most notably his finisher, in which he lifts his opponent onto his back and throws them several times before dropping them down for a final Grand Slam. Turns the bar.

2 Logan Paul (WWE 2K22)

Logan’s cocky personality combined with his high-flying expertise has resulted in him becoming one of the most fun wrestlers to play as in WWE 2K22.

Logan Paul coming out for his entrance

Given the notorious persona that Logan Paul has built over his many years as an entertainer, many wrestling fans were initially less than pleased that someone like him, who only wanted to make a quick buck, would try his hand at professional wrestling. Would like to try. Wrestling. However, to everyone’s surprise, Logan has proven time and again that he is capable of competing with even the greatest superstars in the business today, and so, when he was introduced to the roster WWE 2K22His high-risk high-reward wrestling style was a lot of fun to play with.

However, that being said, Logan still likes to show off the fact that a lot of people don’t like him, as shown in his flashy entrance where he wears a huge luxurious coat and his Trading card tied around his neck, joking with the crowd as he goes. Logan is extremely fast in the game, making it a nightmare for his opponents to deal with him, but ultimately this is why he became such a fan-favorite character to play as during the title’s lifetime.

1 Bad Bunny (WWE 2K23)

Visual Concepts Showcase Bad Bunny’s Infectious Charisma and Electric In-Ring Skills Perfect for His Video-Game Debut

bad bunny is holding out for his entrance

When Bad Bunny first came to WWE, he was in the same boat as Logan. As one of the biggest musical artists on the planet, no one could have expected him to prove to be as incredible in the ring, and 2K He managed to totally impress with his infectious charisma, explosive entrance and breathtaking high-flying fighting style WWE 2K23, Bunny is adept at dodging his opponents by hurling himself off the top ropes, but he also has a number of deadly ground techniques that he can throw out as well, such as the jaw-dropping Code Red, which can be extremely difficult. is notorious for. To perform.

Although the motion capture and attention to detail has improved every year, Bad Bunny feels like a one-to-one replica 2K23, not only in terms of his moves, but also when he’s casually walking towards the ring and yelling to get the crowd excited for the upcoming match. The inclusion of Bad Bunny could have easily gone horribly wrong if he was merely a gimmick or a running joke, but thankfully, 2K Gave him his flowers and presented him as an impressive wrestler who really enjoys playing the game.


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