Best gift to make your loved ones smile on happy day

Miami.- Take advantage of the happy day by buying or giving yourself some exercise gear to bring a smile to your face at home or outside and lead to long-term happiness, as physical activity improves mood, according to academic studies.

Playing sports is the best way to release the happiness hormones endorphins, so that good feeling turns into good mood and you can enjoy with your friends and family in a better mood.

Your Opportunity brings you these products so you can enjoy exercise Or turn it into a gift option for friends and family and thus celebrate with great energy this 20th March, when the United Nations declared it as a day of happiness.

Hinsarkad Push-Up Chart

This push-up board, foldable Hinsarked is a professional portable fat burning workout equipment, It is used for strength training for men and women.

The table is color-coded to provide a variety of effective push-up positions, specifically targeting different muscle groups (hips, abdominals, triceps, biceps and back) to work your muscles. Is designed. To maximize your overall workout.

leg exerciser

This Anchor Elliptical Leg Exerciser Under the desk it is ideal for those who have to sit for long periods of time due to work.

It is silent and with remote control. It has a screen monitor and tracks time, speed, counts, calories and more. Perform multiple motion functions depending on your needs. The paddles can move forward or backward to target different muscles. Note: Use only while sitting.

a pilates bar

WeluvFit offers this Pilates bar kit with resistance bands for women and men With stainless steel bar for gym, home, yoga and Pilates training, a perfect presentation for body shaping.

The kit includes a high quality steel bar and also includes a non-slip belt and thick natural latex resistance bands for long-term use; The sturdy 360° rotating metal lifting tab and high-strength alloy buckle are not easy to break, allowing you to easily replace the latex resistance bands and keep them from getting tangled.

tied stairs

Niceday Exercise Steppers with Resistance Bands Also Works as a Staircase, a stepper with a 300-pound load capacity with fitness goals and an LCD monitor. It is a piece of equipment that accelerates fat burning from buttocks and legs through continuous movements. Continuous use can rapidly reduce lower extremity fat and improve muscle strength, thereby achieving the goal of lifting the derrière and slimming the legs.

The compact size fits into any limited space, so you can start moving anywhere. This is an enjoyable workout, whether you’re walking while watching TV or doing leg training next to a standing office desk.

a perfect laptop

HotWave Portable is an all-in-one training equipment system, The package is used with various workout equipment accessories: foldable push-up board, 3-section bar, 4 resistance bands, 2 ankle straps, door strap, abdominal roller wheel, which can meet most of your training needs. Can do. training in the gym

Unique Push Board: The unique appearance of personalized design is fashionable and efficient. Training the correct muscle groups according to color zone improves exercise efficiency by 40%. Target (chest, triceps, shoulders, back) for maximum effect.

It is designed to replace heavy equipment and machines in the gym and combine them into a creative training concept.

Why is Happiness Day celebrated?

The General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) decreed in 2012 that the International Day of Happiness would be celebrated every 20 March from 2013. Recognizing the relevance of this state of mind and well-being as universal aspirations of human beings and the importance of incorporating it into government policies.

The multilateral entity also recognizes the need for a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic development, which promotes sustainable development, poverty alleviation, happiness and well-being.

This proposal was initiated by South Asian Bhutan, a country that has recognized the value of national happiness over national income since the early 1970s. And it gives priority to gross national happiness over gross national product. It was also the host country of a high-level meeting on “Happiness and Well-being: Defining a New Economic Paradigm” during the sixty-sixth session of the General Assembly.

This small region is known as the happiest country in the world, largely because it uses the NBFI, or Gross National Happiness Index, rather than using economic indicators like GDP to measure the well-being of its population.

where are you from?

happy days started 2013 When the United Nations recognized its important role in the lives of people around the world, it included it in its celebration agenda.

Individual happiness involves global happiness through the cooperation of all. The United Nations says, “Let us leave no one behind. Let us fight for our Sustainable Development Goals.” University studies have supported the concept of happiness as a fundamental factor for human development, including the pursuit of individual happiness as a signal of solidarity and a multiplier effect for collective goals.



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