Betty White, Beyoncé and Will Ferrell: Our Favorite Super Bowl Ads

Not every part of the Super Bowl goes down in history, but the ad campaigns that air each year remain etched in the collective memory. from famous wassupSigned Budweiser, more than weird puppy monkey baby, From Mountain Dew, take a look at our team’s favorite commercials.

Will Ferrell and Netflix’s Heroes (2023)

Comedian Will Ferrell’s ad is a great idea in itself. let’s add zombies Walking Deadguards and participants squid gamebourgeois of bridgertonyoung hero of stranger things And the comedian’s spokesperson driving his eternal General Motors car and you have a really successful ad. (sen)

Budweiser – wassup (2000)

Few Super Bowl commercials have garnered as much attention as the famous wassup Of Budweiser. Both have been parodied countless times horror movie He OfficeThis simple advertisement is deeply engraved in our memories even after 24 years. (RGM)

Reebok, a physical office (2003)

What could be better than a football player to enforce discipline in an office with great tackles? Twenty years later, this Reebok ad is as influential and funny as it was when it first aired. When Terry Tate (a character who was not a real NFL player) is around, you better not be wasting your time playing patience on your computer. (cb)

betty white and snickers – When you’re hungry you’re not you (2010)

When Betty White is severely abused on the football field and then insults her teammate, she is offered a Snickers bar. “When you’re hungry you’re not you,” he is told, before he eats the food and becomes an athletic youth again. It was a home run for the company, being the first use of the slogan. (ac)

Beyoncé, P!nk and Britney Spears at the Colosseum with Pepsi (2004)

20 years ago, Pepsi actually brought together the holy trinity of the time – Beyonce, P!nk and Britney Spears! – To promote sales of its sparkling drinks we will Rock You, The three-minute video soon became more than just an advertisement, but a true anthology moment in modern popular culture. (bl)

Popcorner with the heroes of the series breaking bad (2023)

fans of breaking bad They jumped with joy when they saw the characters Walter White and Jesse recreating cultural scenes from the series in this ad. creator of crystal meth Now make popcorn and sell their culinary invention to the villain Tuco Salamanca. After this they need to make a 7I Taste. Delightful! (sen)

Best Doritos Chips (2011)

Is licking your fingers after eating Doritos so good that if your co-workers eat it, you will lick their fingers too? According to this ad that shocked more than one person, of course, because it’s the best! (ac)

Cindy Crawford and Pepsi (1992)

Gorgeous top model Cindy Crawford, who stops at a small business in a remote town, steps out of a luxurious sports car to drink a can of Pepsi. In the distance, two children marvel at the beauty of the Pepsi can, which featured a new design and logo in this ad. Simple, effective and memorable. (cb)

The Puppy-Monkey-Baby Hybrid, from Mountain Dew (2016)

Possibly one of the most absurd commercials in Super Bowl history. puppy monkey baby Used by Mountain Dew to promote its MTN Dew Kickstart drink, which contains a blend of juice, caffeine and, of course, Mountain Dew; “Three great things combined,” it was said. (ac)

Amazon, when Alexa lost its voice (2018)

Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, Cardi-B and Anthony Hopkins join forces to take on the great task of Amazon’s voice assistance system Alexa, who suddenly loses her speech. Let’s just say it’s better for the ego not to ask the hot chef how to make a grilled cheese sandwich. (ac)

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