Pablo Repetto awaits dismissal as Santos coach

The Warriors coach admitted that he had received an ultimatum from the board in case of defeat.

technician Saints, pablo repettoassured that he will soon announce his resignation from the post of strategist after the defeat against the Lagunero club tigers 3-0 within the sixth day closing tournament 2024,

He said, “According to what I spoke with the directors yesterday, if we do not win they will fire me, so surely in these hours the club will inform about the dismissal, it is true how the case is.”

About the fact that followers Saints Shouting at the end of the game after the setback, he said it was normal as everyone wanted the team to perform well and achieve positive results.

“The fans issue is understandable, I wanted to win, I’m a fan of a team and when I’m a fan of a team and it doesn’t win, there’s a loss in the heart and people feel, it’s understandable. ” He added.

The helmsman said that there were many factors that were preventing them from delivering positive results in the current tournament, including the departure of some players and the arrival of others, but that is part of football.

Saints In the current competition four units are accumulated after one win, one draw and four losses, which is why it finished last in the general classification.

For his part, strategist Robert Dante Siboldi tigersadmitted that the ball swung in his team’s favor on this day and made it clear that the away win against Laguneros was a merit of the players.

“Today the ball rolled in our favor, we faced a great opponent who runs, who plays, who does not give the ball away, but we came out on a good night, we had a little luck in the first goal. Mila, which was caused by pressure, we are happy and satisfied with the result which allowed us to continue winning as a visitor, the boys did a great job, all credit goes to them,” he declared.

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