BIOS Group takes initiative for animal welfare at Hay Festival in Cartagena News Today

A photographic exhibition of dogs and cats will be presented, whose stories, reflected in their faces and looks, will inspire visitors about the importance of caring for them responsibly.

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BIOS Group, through its pet food brands, has joined the campaign to keep healthy dogs and cats in Colombia. The company approaches a new scenario with the intention of promoting relevant actions that raise awareness and strengthen the care, responsible ownership and adoption of the dog and cat population in Cartagena.

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During the festival, various initiatives will be undertaken that will engage audiences and attendees, as well as citizens in general, to leverage the power and reach of its messages. From Thursday, January 25 to Sunday, January 28, BIOS Group will have a special stand addressing the issue of responsible ownership, showcasing work through the company’s Ringo and Miringo brands that lead this cause. Are.

On Friday the 26th, this stand will be the scene of an entertaining activity promoted by Literary Cart, which aims to sow the seeds of responsible ownership in the youth of the children of the area. In addition, a photographic exhibition of dogs and cats will be presented, whose stories, reflected in their faces and appearance, will inspire visitors about the importance of caring for them responsibly.

On Sunday the 28th, the brand will end its participation in the festival with a conversation between two renowned writers, Colombia’s Alonso Sánchez Baute and Mexico’s Arnoldo Cros. The two will share with the public how dogs and cats have been a source of inspiration for many artists throughout history.

As part of its commitment to animal welfare, BIOS Group will donate a ton of food to the Animal Island Foundation of Cartagena, thus contributing to meeting local needs in the region. According to Camilo Jaramillo, mass consumer marketing manager at Grupo BIOS, The Hay Festival has become a platform to raise awareness about responsible pet ownership among visitors, especially in Cartagena, where the presence of stray animals is significant.

In a context where solutions to the problems faced by companion animals are being sought, it is encouraging to see collaborations being formed between the public and private sectors. Dogs and cats, as pets, face abuse and abandonment, but more and more voices, individuals and companies, are coming together to design strategies to avail a friendlier environment for them.

For presenter and animal activist Sabina de los Reyes, an alliance between the private sector and animal care campaigns is essential. She highlights the importance of working to make a significant impact and prevent animals from being condemned to live on the streets without help.

Constanza Escobar, Development Director of the Hay Festival, emphasizes that protecting animals is a task that unites all sectors and highlights the importance of raising awareness of the responsibility of humans in relation to animal rights.

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in this context, BIOS Group is making its presence felt in its commitment to responsible pet ownership“One crochet at a time”, because taking care of them is also culture.

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