“Bolivarian Fury”, Maduro’s weapon to intimidate his critics

Maria Corina Machado takes part in a demonstration marking the 66th anniversary of the overthrow of the Marcos Pérez dictatorship in Caracas in January 2024.
Miguel Gutierrez (EFE)

Chavismo has judicially blocked the main opposition leader, María Corina Machado, from being elected in primaries to run for president in 2024. With the unconstitutional disqualification without trial in Venezuelan elections, Nicolás Maduro is once again being measured, whose earlier Supreme Court of Justice decisions raised the flag of Bolivarian Fury, a social control plan for which he called “citizens , Military and Police Union” to counter any conspiracy to remove him from office.

By: El Pais

The Venezuelan government has used recurring tactics. He negotiated with the United States the relaxation of oil sanctions and reached some uncertain Barbados agreements. In the talks, a mechanism was agreed to reverse the disqualifications, which Chavismo had used to oust its political opponents. Due to pressure from Washington, a process was finally adopted and the outcome was what the leadership in power wanted. Strong competitors like Machado and Henrique Capriles Radonsky – who faced Maduro just a decade earlier – have been ousted, opening the way for practically unknown candidates with less support.

The United States said this Saturday that the decisions taken by the Supreme Court weaken the prospects for a competitive presidential election, which is why it announced that it will review its sanctions policy that it made more flexible last November Was. But for Chavismo, this is how it served Barbados and the international community. And inside he has also taken out his teeth.

This week, January 23, a symbolic date in Venezuelan politics that commemorates the fall of the Marcos Pérez Jiménez dictatorship that ruled in the 1950s, saw Bolivarian fury. In a coordinated attack, at least 20 headquarters of political parties, universities, radio stations, trade union organizations and unions across the country were graffitied with threats and signs on the facades. Houses of some workers were also marked. The intelligence services detained five political leaders of Wente, Machado’s group and disappeared for hours. The operation coincides with Maduro-affiliated prosecutor Tarek William Saab’s complaints of five alleged plots to assassinate the president.

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