Bonatini’s brilliant goal helps Atlético de San Luis beat Mazatlán

first 3 digits Clausura dropped from 2024 for Atlético de San Luis day 1 Well red and white They broke into the house of Mazatlán FC and he won a golden victory Beating Canoneros 1-0 thanks to the excellent participation of goalkeeper Andrés Sánchez.

Thanks to a brilliant goal by Leonardo Bonatini in the second half, Tuneros visitedThat night when Pata Salada failed in front of visiting goalkeeper Andrés Sánchez.

and it’s the same goalkeeper Born in Ciudad Juarez, but part of ADSL fundamental part For him jubilation His team repeated the threat of a gun.

The first half was better for the rojiblancos who tried to create several chances Matthew Klimowicz He no luck,

Argentinian First notice has just been sent minute 13 with left foot Which went wide of Hugo Gonzalez’s goal.

First time’s little, Klimowicz tries again at 42‘ Another good right hand that only flirted with goal, even more no success,

Mazatlan FC responded in the second half And at 49′, Andres Montano tried a shot that deflected the visitors’ defense and from there goalkeeper sanchez show,

the first was obvious at 50‘ When double header save For Sinaloans. First it was Ventura Alvarado, Brian Rubio tried and San Luis goalkeeper figure prevented the goal.

come at 55′ Another obvious one for the purple ones. Eduardo Bello From the left he put the ball into the area, it was released to Rubio, who to end and him Sanchez took a deflection, it was passed to Luis Amarilla and again to the goalkeeper.Finally on the rebound, Joel Barcenas hit it from the side.

The most obvious one for Mazatlán was at 66′ When? Yellow Received a leaked ball and with doubts as to whether it was out of place, tried to define above Sanchez’s, but was in hand fail To the Paraguayan.

Two minutes later, Bello was again looking for prey. and when she was received from Barcenas she struck a ball, and sank saving hand,

What was the goal like?

The match remained goalless till 72′ on Bonatini He put on his magician’s hat and received a center from Ricardo Chávez in the field. defined by volley and with one great goal He beat Hugo González and made it 1–0 in favor of Atlético de San Luis.

In the final, Sanchez saved Bello again.Who made another attempt at the age of 85′ which was unsuccessful.

he arrived final whistle and fan inside El Encanto says goodbye to the Canoneros between Oops When the tournament started they lost at home.

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