Borghi blasts Sampaoli in new chapter of Chile’s long-running controversy: “He has little value”

Jorge Sampaoli, in an image from his last job as head of Flamengo, where he had more than one problem

Jorge Sampaoli, in a photo from his last job as head of Flamengo, where he had more than one problem – Credit: @WagnerMayer

It becomes clear when claudius bitch borghi He is a public speaker, not shy about saying what he thinks, regardless of the caliber of his words and who they are directed at. The former football player and coach turned Chilean television commentator referred to his colleague Jorge Sampaoli in harsh terms, whom he described as having “very low values”. In the same interview with DeSports Radio, Borghi praised the work of Argentina team chief Lionel Scaloni.

“I have two opinions about Sampaoli. Humans are destructive. To me he is a man with very low values. He believes that everything can be done to achieve what he wants and I don’t think so. Even risking a player’s physical health for a match,” Borgi started without any filter. El Bichi and Sampaoli have one characteristic in common: having been coaches of the Chile national team. Borghi held the position between 2011 and 2012 and was succeeded by Sampaoli, who served until 2016, during which he won the 2015 Copa América.

Borghi and Sampaoli, when Bichi led the Chile teamBorghi and Sampaoli, when Bichi led the Chile team

Borghi and Sampaoli, when Bichi led the Chile team

Borghi highlighted Sampaoli’s work, but blamed the human aspect, saying: “On the professional side he did very well in Chile. He performed very well at the University of Chile and later became champion of the Americas, another great merit. I value people more than championships. I have the championships I have won kept in a drawer and remember some of them. I always preach that people are important so that others can love us. Sampaoli will never have that. “He may have all the accolades and medals in the world, but I don’t think the Argentine people will follow him and respect him in a good way.”,

Claudio Borghi, always spicyClaudio Borghi, always spicy

Claudio Borghi, always spicy

It is not the first time Borghi has brutally criticized Sampaoli, with whom he has a long-standing dispute over working hours in Chile. In 2018, when the Casilda-born man failed miserably as coach of the Argentina team at the World Cup in Russia, Bichi said in an interview with TYC Sports: “I admire Sampaoli a lot, my We will call him in the neighborhood.” Pig on top of the tree because no one knows how it got so high. “I admire him because to get from where he got to, to do what he did, you have to be a very intelligent person.” And he continued with some sarcasm: “He doesn’t necessarily know about football, but he’s very intelligent. He not only reached the Argentine team, but He excited the whole city to become world champion without any kind of project, “You have to be a very lively person to do that.”

Regarding the Argentina team, which beat El Salvador 3-0 in a friendly in Philadelphia on Friday night, Borghi had plenty of praise: “When Messi is in the team you have more confidence, but Scaloni showed that his “There are more players with the ability to make passes. When Messi is not the starter the plan changes.”

He also dedicated words of encouragement to Ricardo Gareca when he started as coach of the Chile national team. “The Chilean team played very well yesterday with Gareca making his debut as coach. “El Tigre minimized what was happening and listened to the players,” he said.

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