New York Yankees prospect ridiculed Robinson Cano

second day in between new York Yankees And red devil of mexico He left a scene that will be recorded in posterity. A special phenomenon among young New Yorkers pitchers luis serna and dominican veteran robinson canoe He brought the Aztec public to his feet and won the applause of those present.

The second demonstration took place this Monday, March 25 alfredo harp helu As part of scheduled exhibition games between the two baseball teams. The result of the first match brought smiles to the locals with the 3×4 scoreboard and solid performance from the heroes robinson canoeWho didn’t exactly have the same luck during today’s duel.

The Dominican slugger lined up second in the order and designated hitter in the Aztecs’ scheme this Monday. Whereas luis sernaA 19-year-old prospect, was the designated starter for Aaron Boone,

New York Yankees starter Cano dominates

Serna He started his performance in a dominant manner carlos sepulveda Cuban first baseman with a ground ball. jesse escarra, then he encountered spout To have a power duel.

Mexican pitcher started with a high ball and then equalized the score with a foul robinson, louis He bowled high again and added another bad over of the turn, however, he then attacked the strike zone and leveled the count again.

luis serna He missed his fifth throw to take the lead spout at the maximum count, but on the next pitch he attacked him with a pitch towards the center of the field, which moved slightly and escaped the bat. robinson,

This way, the 19-year-old took away a great memory from a date that he will never forget. The context and location were enough to make it an unforgettable punch.

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