Brad Pitt is not particular about cleanliness… A famous actor installed a swing!

he managed to impose himself among Hollywood superstars And it is done A true male sex symbol, actor brad pitt Although adopted Questionable behavior in terms of personal hygiene, last, This is his former roommate Jason Priestley, Brandon’s unforgettable interpreter in the hit series Beverly Hills, 90 210, who reported of this story, on the set of the show stay! with kelly and mark, Available on YouTube.

Former interpreter for Brenda Walsh’s brother, who lived as roommates with starInglourious Basterds Los Angeles in the 1980s, as remembered 20 minutesTold his hostess Kelly Ripa: “We used to play this game to watch Who can go the longest without bathing?, There is little willingness to try this type of challenge, Jason Priestley said: “Now that I think about it, I say to myself, “Man, this is disgusting. What was on your mind?,

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A challenge taken up during youth

Jason Priestley, who we can find tv movie dead on the track, broadcast on France 2Clarified that she and Brad Pitt broke up when they did this His debut as an actor, In his autobiography published in 2014, Jason Priestley had already addressed this period of his life, She also revealed that at the time, she and Brad Pitt consisted mainly of ramen noodles and low-end beer in their diet, according to the report 20 minutes, on the set of stay! with kelly and mark, Brandon Walsh’s interpreter wanted to reassure fans of the ex-husband by angelina jolie By mentioning the fact that he had stopped the challenge, although he was successful in it “Going for a long time without bathing”last.

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