Cruz Azul: Toluca vacate NFM spot to sign Escobar


In the absence of official confirmation, Toluca would have already managed to free up the required foreign condition to sign Juan Escobar from Cruz Azul.

Juan Escobar could have gone to Toluca.
© Jaime Lopez/JAM MediaJuan Escobar could have gone to Toluca.

in the absence of Toluca make it official, Juan Escobar will be increasingly close to becoming a Scarlets reinforcement Subsequently, the same transfer market His unexpected departure from Cruz Azul, after an alleged conflict with Martin Anselmi.

And this is it, After all they could have released the alien status earlier what they needed to be able to Complete the signing of the Paraguayan defenderSince they were about to release the Brazilian, Pedro Raul. Thus, he will no longer face any problems in getting hired by the employer.

According to information received from Argentinian journalist Cesar Luis Merlo, an expert in the international transfer market, Toluca may have already reached an agreement with Corinthians so that he Brazilian striker returned to his country,

,Brazilian attacker Pedro Raul, 27, is a new Corinthians player Of his country. According to Super Deportivo, The Red Devils of Toluca reached an agreement With the nickname ‘The People’s Team’, who took on the task of bringing the striker back,” Can be read in the note bearing the signature of the famous journalist.

Escobar would already have an agreement to reach Toluca.

On our part, experts also nearby market of Liga MXFernando Esquivel announced this The former Cruz Azul captain will already have a verbal agreement to become Toluca’s assistant.

,Juan Escobar and Toluca with verbal agreement, The Paraguayan defender has reached a verbal agreement to arrive in Toluca, Will arrive from Cruz Azul on loan for one year with a purchase option,He disclosed this through his Twitter account on Tuesday.

The arrival of Robert Morales at Cruz Azul will be rejected

It should be remembered that the probability of a Interchange between Toluca and Cruz Azul Of juan escobar for your compatriots robert morales, with which the Devils would free up non-consecutive status in Mexico (NFM). However, with the departure of Pedro Raúl, the arrival of panther Will be abandoned.

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