Google and Samsung have created a new way to transfer files between Android phones, it’s Quick Share

CES 2024 is the scene of the announcement of Quick Share, a tool that will integrate Nearby and Quick Share to facilitate data exchange. (infobae)

Google and Samsung announced an alliance during the CES 2024 fair to make it easier to share files between Android phones.

the idea is Integrate tools that previously worked separately, including Google’s Nearby and samsung quick share, In a single function that will be called Quick Share.

Their intention with this movement is to make it easier for users of any brand of Android device to transfer files. The new Quick Share function will be included by default on mobile phones with this operating system.

share soon It will not only work to transfer documents, photos and videos between phones AndroidBut will also allow you to share these files with other Google products like PC chromebook,

Google has announced that an update to integrate file sharing will soon come to Android phones already on the market. (infobae)

Besides, Google wants to expand this tool to work with Windows computers. For this reason, they are already collaborating with important manufacturers such as LG so that Quick Share is factory installed on their computers.

Google announced it’s new Quick Share will be created in collaboration with Samsung And will be released as an update next month to devices that already have Nearby.

When Quick Share is ready to use, it will be easy to share files from an Android phone to other devices. All you have to do is press the Quick Share icon, select the nearby device from the list with which you want to share and send the desired file.

Google and Samsung are ensuring that users take control of their privacy with Quick Share.

In alliance with manufacturers like LG, Google is preparing to include Quick Share on devices beyond the Android ecosystem. (infobae)

This means that each person will be able to decide how their device, such as a smartphone, tablet or computer, will appear when sharing files. They can choose whether they want only their devices to see them, only their contacts, or any device that’s nearby.

Google has announced interesting news for drivers who use Android Auto And for those whose cars come with Android out of the box.

Now, they will be able to See how much energy your electric vehicles battery will have on Google Maps When they reach their destination, thanks to an update to Android Auto.

This benefit, which was previously only available for cars with built-in Google technology, will soon be extended to all Android Auto users starting with models like the Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning in a few months. More electric vehicles are expected to get this facility soon.

With the new update, Android Auto users will be able to see the battery range of their electric car on Google Maps. (Google)

Google is expanding its vehicles’ features with Android Automotive And confirmed at CES 2024 that it will integrate navigation through Chrome.

this change It will start with some Volvo and Polestar models. Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath said that the company had been waiting to integrate Chrome into its vehicles for a long time and in the meantime, they offered the Vivaldi browser.

Ingenlath highlighted the convenience of keeping Chrome, as this browser synchronizes with the user’s account and adapts to their preferences, Which, in their opinion, significantly improves the navigation experience in the car.

If drivers are looking for ways to entertain kids during car trips, or if adults want to enjoy good content themselves, Google has introduced in-car entertainment options with its integrated software.

PBS Kids series and Crunchyroll anime are available on Android automotive systems for family enjoyment. (Google)

Now, Selected vehicles will offer programs from PBS Kids and Crunchyroll, a streaming service with an extensive catalog of anime, Popular and seasonal series, as well as Asian dramas and manga, will all be available to watch directly from the vehicle’s screen.

Additionally, in response to requests from the public, The Weather Channel app is now available in cars equipped with Google technology.

This new functionality contributes to driving safety and comfort, keeping users aware of the latest weather conditions.

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