Brian Rodriguez is one and a half feet outside America. TUDN Liga MX

midfielder brian rodriguez He is close to becoming the first victim in the club’s squad (besides Miguel Layun) America In this closing tournament 2024 of Liga MX,

According to TUDN reporter Gibran Arrague, Rodríguez is the one who is practically out of the Copa squad, while all the attention was on elements like Sebastián Cáceres and the likes. Alfaro Fidalgo As possible candidates to leave the team led by André Jardin.

Furthermore, everything indicates that the Uruguayan player will be sold from Azulcrema. His physical condition is at 100% after suffering a knee injury in the last Apertura 2023.

Brian Rodríguez had interest from teams like Peñarol since last summer, so since then, he has made strong noises about leaving Club América.

In this way, and in the event of the departure of Brian Rodríguez, the US would free up an overseas space to add reinforcements that were not trained in Mexico for the current competition.

The United States may suffer further losses due to Sebastian Caceres and Alvaro Fidalgo. In the first case, Marcelo Bielsa, the technical director of the Uruguay national team, asked him to play on the old continent.

In the case of the Spaniard, there is still no formal offer, although Aguila is waiting to receive an offer. His clause is around 15 million euros and according to Gibran Arrague, Fidalgo intends to return to Europe.

A shake-up is expected in the Copa squad, although the quota of foreigners will be reduced for the next Apertura tournament in 2024.

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