British cruise ship Marella Explorer 2 arrives at Cuban port

The Marella Explorer 2, a British cruise ship that previously stopped in Cuba, did so again this weekend. Visitors were welcomed in the port of Havana itself.

The event was immediately celebrated by Cuba. “This is a step towards the restoration of tourism on the island.” This was reflected in a publication in X by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez to refer to this issue.

This type of tour usually extends the city’s tourism through Havana’s main historical sites.

An established tour guide is prepared for those who come to see the capital. That is, they already know which places they will visit when they disembark from the ship.

Marella Explorer 2, in Cuba from 2022

This cruise ship, Marella Explorer 2, belongs to Marella Cruises Ltd. and is part of the TUIGroup consortium fleet. Cuba was added to its Caribbean routes from March 2022.

The ship had earlier reached Cuba on December 16 last year. In January of the current course it returned with 1,700 visitors. This is a type that has been adopted by the tourism sector on the island, especially during the winter months. The current period is an ideal period for the arrival of international tourism, which is why this stage is established as the “peak of tourism” each year.

The ship was launched in 1995 and refit in April 2006. It is an adults-only ship with a capacity of over two thousand passengers and a number of spa services throughout its 246 meter length. It also has a club-casino, bar and restaurant, among other luxuries.

In 2023 it anchored several times in Cuba as part of a route called Flavors of the Caribbean, which features a one-week itinerary.

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