His very personal and familial relationship with expats, his new series

submit on prime video Starting January 26, the series adds to its cast Nicole Kidman (Margaret), who is also the executive producer of Fiction. The latter also has a special relationship with him…

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This is a current event series prime video, immigrants Tells the story of three migrant women in Hong Kong. Haunted by the mysterious disappearance of Margaret (Nicole Kidman), the trio and their families try to extricate themselves not only from the chaos created by this tragedy, but also from the difficulties of their personal lives in this town. Which is not theirs. An exciting six-episode miniseries, which beyond the Australian star also adds to its cast Brian Tee (Clark), Sarayu Blue (Hilary), Jack Huston (David) and Ji-Young Yoo (Mercy).

Migrant: Nicole Kidman (Margaret)’s personal relationship with the Prime Video series

inspired by the novel MigrantWritten by Janice YK Lee, it was thanks to this work that Nicole Kidman found herself involved in the project. In fact, the actress’s sister, herself an expatriate in Singapore at the time, gave her this novel which she liked very much. Inspired by this story, Tom Cruise’s ex-wife bought the rights to the book.

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immigrants :Filming of the series with Nicole Kidman caused controversy

Produced in 2021, the series was filmed in the midst of the Covid crisis. Built between Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Shots that never failed to arouse outrage. In fact, Nicole Kidman was exempted from quarantine for three weeks of filming in the Chinese region. One exception was little appreciated by the city’s residents, while travelers arriving from high-risk countries (particularly the United States where the actress lives) must generally self-isolate for 21 days upon arrival. To make things better, the actress, who was hoping to land a role in a French film, was seen shopping on the streets of the city for two days. This is called being sensible…

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