Super Bowl LVIII, more than a sporting event: Anthony Hopkins, Jenna Ortega and Arnold Schwarzenegger in unforgettable commercials Kansas City Chiefs | San Francisco 49ers | light

He Super Bowl This is much more than a sporting event capable of crippling a country like the United States. It is a fascinating cultural phenomenon, even for those who know nothing about American football, not only for its lavish halftime shows, but for its lavish, million-dollar and impressive advertising spots. Even for.

Anthony Hopkins, Kris Jenner, Tom Brady, Jenna Ortega, David and Victoria Beckham are some of the celebrities who will appear in nearly 70 commercials set for the game played by the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday, February 11. San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The advertising space in this edition is the most expensive in history, with each 30 seconds of broadcast time costing seven million dollars. According to information from CBS Network, despite the high costs, the brands sold out of these spots through November 2023, perhaps driven by last year’s record views. Last year’s broadcast on Fox was watched by 115.1 million viewers. The most in the history of any television program in the United States.

Some advertisers shared their locations ahead of the game, and several more ads are expected to be published through Sunday.

Veteran actor Anthony Hopkins, Oscar winner for Best Actor for “The Silence of the Lambs,” stars in a commercial for STOK Cold Brew Coffee in which he shares his way of preparing to play Wrex the Dragon. The mascot of Wrexham AFC of the Welsh Football League 2.

While Lionel Messi, who Will appear for the first time in super bowl, starring with former American football player dan marino and actor Daniel Jason Sudeikis, best known for his role as Ted Lasso, a Michelob Ultra advertisement.

Another celebrity who will be seen is Jenna Ortega, the lead actress of the movie “Wednesday” (Merlina). The young woman encounters two grandmothers (Dina and Mita) and another Doritos fan, played by Danny Ramirez, for the last snack left on a store shelf.

MLS Inter Miami owner David Beckham and his wife Victoria, a former member of the Spice Girls group, will create confusion about which sport they promote in their partnership for the Uber Eats application.

Rob Gronkowski, a four-time Super Bowl champion, will appear in a commercial for FanDuel, a sports betting site, alongside actor Carl Weathers, who died on Feb. 1.

Another part of this privileged list is Chris Pratt. When a gas station attendant points out that the actor looks like the guy on the Pringles logo, he goes viral and stars in a movie about “Mr. P.”

It should be noted that actresses Tina Fey, Glenn Close and Jane Krakowski will be working with travel brand And Arnold Schwarzenegger will present his best version as an action character for the State Farm insurance company.

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