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Professor Manuel Rossetti will remain as Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Cadiz for the next six years. This decision was taken by the university community of this center in the elections held this Friday, where three candidates were presented: Professor of Medicine, specializing in Physical Education and Sports Medicine, who was the winner, and Professor of the Department of Medicine, K. Professor of Maternal-Child and Radiology, Alfonso Lechuga Sancho, and Professor of Pathological Anatomy, Cellular Biology, Histology, History of Science, Legal and Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Department, José María López-Cepero López Cepero.

After the counting of the results and in the absence of a definitive proclamation, Manuel Rossetti obtained a total of 679 votes out of 810 votes cast for the candidates: 39 PDI with permanent connection, 88 PDI without permanent connection, 22 PTGAS and 530 students.

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine was elected in a completely normal manner. To vote, a polling station with four ballot boxes (doctoral professors with permanent affiliation, PDI without permanent affiliation, students and PAs) has been set up which is open uninterruptedly between 10:00 and 18:00.

The voting was carried out in accordance with the provisions of the eighth provision of the Organic Law of Universities of April 2007, which establishes the electoral weight of the different groups that make up the university community: Doctoral professors with permanent connection to the university (58)% -60 votes cast. ), PDI without permanent connection (6% -136 votes cast), Students (28% -585 votes cast) and PTGAS (8% -29 votes cast). In total, 822 people, including teaching staff, administration and services staff and students, exercised their electoral right.

Manuel Rossetti Rodríguez (Cádiz, 1976) is Professor of Medicine, specializing in physical education and sports medicine. He has been a full professor of internal medicine. Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Cadiz in 1995 and Doctor with European Citation. Among positions held, he has also been Academic Secretary and Director of the Department of Medicine, member of the UCA Senate and member of the Governing Council of the University of Cádiz, and represents the teaching staff with permanent ties. He is a corresponding academic of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Granada and Salamanca. His research studies have focused on health, sports, Down syndrome, metabolic syndrome and oxidative stress. PAIDI CTS671 Head of Research Group.

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