British navy reports Houthi attack southeast of Aden – DW – 02/22/2024

According to the British Navy Commercial Maritime Operations (UKMTO), a fire on a ship in the Red Sea south-east of the Yemeni city of Aden this Thursday (02/22/2024) was caused by missiles launched by Yemen’s Houthi Shia rebels . , , for its abbreviation in English).

In a note published on its

“It has been reported that a ship was hit by two missiles, causing a fire on board. Coalition forces are responding,” the UKMTO statement said.

He also recommended vessels transiting the strategic sea route “exercise caution”, and asked that they “report any suspicious activity to the UKMTO.”

Houthi rebels, who have launched dozens of attacks against ships in the Red Sea since November as well as toward Israel, have not yet commented on the new attack.

US announces “four self-defense attacks”

UKMTO’s statement comes after the United States Central Command (CENTCOM, in English) announced that it carried out four “self-defense strikes” in areas controlled by the Houthis and destroyed seven anti-ship missiles along with other military material, all ready Were. Will be thrown “into the Red Sea”.

Israel says it has shot down a missile near Eilat

The Israeli army, for its part, said that Israeli air defense systems shot down a missile this Thursday near its border on the Red Sea and that sirens were activated in the tourist town of Eilat.

The Iran-backed Houthis have condemned several attacks by the United States and the United Kingdom against their positions in recent days, and have said they will not stop attacking Israel or Israeli-affiliated ships because of attacks on that country. . In Gaza Strip.


Attacks on maritime trade: More tensions in the Red Sea?

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