Building Healthy Relationships in the Age of Liquid Love; MIA program aims for the betterment of women

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Barcelona, ​​January 22, 2024.- In today’s modern world, individualism and autonomy are two permanent elements for women. According to psychology experts, most women are looking for Constant balance between personal power and feminine essencewhich generates pressure to be self-reliant and give up essential aspects of women as part of their soft, simple and emotional,

All this directly affects her self-esteem and the building of healthy relationships between women and their environment. In this context, programma mia emerges as a Guidance for building healthy relationships and emotional well-being in women, It is a project made up of psychologists that focuses on providing support and assistance to women to challenge the myths of female empowerment, betting on the essence of each myth.

Approach and Benefits of MIA Program

As brand specializing in relationships, Wounds of emotional connection and attachmentThe Mia Program has distinguished itself for its innovative approach that aims to promote women’s reconciliation with their primal essence, encouraging them to accept their biology and make peace with their relationship needs.

according to team Registered Clinical Psychologist Available, a large percentage of the women interested in their therapy are successful, independent and apparently self-reliant, however, through intensive psychological work, a void is identified in these women, who are unable to love and be loved. Is related to the need to, aspects that, somehow, they have learned to ignore.

From the point of view of psychologists, to maintain a high level of self-esteem in women it is not enough to know how to be alone; On the contrary, this idea can lead to the destruction of the feminine essence and deep alienation from all types of relationships due to fear of intimacy.

In that sense, the Mia program seeks to overcome these fears to give way to more authentic relationships, helping each woman to create a life away from control and demands, giving way to peace, trust and fluidity.

16-week group therapy

through a He has his own validated psychotherapeutic method which more than 3,000 women have already gone throughThe MIA program focuses on providing women with the theoretical and practical tools needed to create a harmonious relationship with themselves and their environment. This therapeutic process involves a game of guesses in which dynamics are proposed to encourage women to become aware of their hidden feelings, blockages and fears.

Through the identification of something that represents a stumbling block in their life, therapy participants in the MIA program have the opportunity to release this negative element and allow the parts of themselves to emerge that they do not recognize in themselves or in their lives. Do not allow to express. their relationship. This process contributes to reducing anxiety while forming bonds, knowing how to live well alone and as a couple, achieving security, self-esteem and flow, essential aspects in every woman’s life.,


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