Calleja takes over as CEO of Grupo Exito in Colombia

“We have come to stay,” said Salvadoran businessman Carlos Calleja. The Colombian group also has operations in Uruguay and Argentina.

After closing the purchase of Grupo Exito de Colombia, Salvadoran businessman Carlos Calleja took over as CEO of the company, which also has operations in Uruguay and Argentina.

The vice president of Grupo Calleja in El Salvador takes the reins of a business group with a long history in Colombia.

“We have a long-term vision of operating as a large distribution platform in Latin America, serving customers in El Salvador, Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina,” Calleja expressed in his first message, which came this March 22 to Success Group. Was issued by. ,

The company’s new CEO said that “With great enthusiasm, confidence and hope in Colombia and the Colombian people, the Calleja Group has joined the great family of Grupo Exito, and the family of Grupo Exito has joined the family. Calleja Group continues It will continue to generate value and contribute to the dignity of citizens.”

Similarly, he said he “believes in the potential and promise of Colombia,” as well as its citizens and “especially in the Grupo Exito team.”

In December 2023, Grupo Calleja launched its million-dollar offer to buy Grupo Exito, which included its operations in Colombia as well as Uruguay and Argentina.

WATCH: Grupo Calleja to expand to Uruguay and Argentina

The sale agreement was signed in late January, through which it acquired the majority of the Colombian group’s shares.

In Uruguay, the Colombian group owns 100% of the subsidiary Spice Investments Mercosur, which owns 62.49% of Grupo Disco and 100% of the Devoto and Gente companies, which are supermarket and warehouse chains.

While in Argentina, Grupo Exito owns Libertad Supermarket and Paseo Shopping Center.

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In his message, Calleja highlighted that Exito is the brand that has given life to Grupo Exito, which is celebrating its first 75 years, and Carulla, which has been in the South American country for 119 years. “And on behalf of the Calleja Group we are working from now on to ensure that the brands loved by Colombians are still here and going strong in the next 75 or 119 years…” he said.

The businessman also expressed that he “deeply believes in the leadership and professionalism of the people who make up the company and we recognize the role of the company in the country and what it represents for the development of the nation: a retail that is close to , which innovates, and “which is in the hearts of the Colombian people, with those who rise every day to serve with love and passion.”

Forbes magazine, Colombia edition, published that this is the first time in Grupo Exito’s 75-year history that a foreigner will be in charge of the company.

He also said that Carlos Mario Giraldo Moreno will continue to lead the operations in Colombia as general manager, with José Gabriel Loaiza Herrera, as executive vice president, directing the commercial and operational processes of the retail business in Colombia.

“We feel very satisfied to continue the leadership of Carlos Mario Giraldo as head of the business in Colombia. Under his administration, Grupo Exito has strengthened itself as a modern, innovative, omnichannel and sustainable retailer with high-value complementary businesses such as real estate, bringing it to the level of the world’s leading players. “Together we will continue to pave the way for growth,” Calleja said, as quoted by Forbes.

purchase of company

On 16 October, French distribution company Casino reported that it had reached a preliminary agreement with Grupo Calleja to sell its shares in Colombian supermarket chain Exito via a public takeover offer (OPA).

According to OPA’s public document, the company representing Grupo Calleja in the purchase of Grupo Exito is Cama Commercial Group Corp., based in Panama. The operation was carried out through the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC).

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