Canada suspends arms exports to Israel

Canadian Foreign Minister Mélanie Jolie announced this Tuesday that the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will no longer allow arms exports to Israel. Ynet,

on Monday House of Commons of Canada Called for stopping arms shipments, and Pleasure He stressed, however, that the decision is not binding. Canada It has been decided to stop future arms shipments to Jerusalem,

recently, Canada There was a delay in sending a shipment of 11 armored vehicles and other night vision equipment to the Israeli police.

In both cases, they were defensive weapons, not offensive ones. However, Canadawhich has strict laws on arms exports, has delayed them.

The minister’s announcement is a response to the ruling party’s initiative to amend a bill initially tabled in the House of Commons.

The amendment resulted in “official recognition” state of palestine“To actively work with international partners for a comprehensive, just and lasting peace, including the defense of the Palestinian state as part of a negotiated two-state solution.”

This amendment took place after talks between the Israeli minister pigtail gantz and Prime Minister of Canada, justin trudeau,

This decision was criticized jewish community Of CanadaArguing that it undermines the authority israel for self defense against Hamas,

israeli foreign minister israel katz turned to X to criticize the government’s decision Trudeau,

“It is regrettable that the Canadian government is taking a step that undermines the right israel For self defense against terrorists Hamas, who have committed terrible crimes against humanity and against innocent Israeli civilians, including the elderly, women and children. History will judge current actions Canada In a serious way,” he wrote. ,israel as long as we keep fighting Hamas Be destroyed and all hostages return home.”

israel Now they fear domino effect after this decision Canada, is considered a very friendly nation, which may inspire other countries to follow its example. However, ottawa is not a major arms supplier of israel,

Last week, Pleasure Visited israel and met his Israeli counterpart katzWho addressed the delay in the export of armored vehicles israel, Pleasure He apprised them of the enormous pressure being exerted on the Canadian government. During your visit, Pleasure He also met the families of the hostages.

This decision was ultimately approved by the House of Commons. Canada Significant leniency was achieved by removing demands for official recognition of State palestinian and including calls to halt arms transfers israel,

However, the decision also included positive elements: recognizing Hamas as a terrorist organization and call for the release of hostages.

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