Caregiver affection is a key element for the well-being of older people

professionals of DomusViA company that aims to improve the well-being of older people in an active social environment international hug dayremember that lack of affection or may cause distance from the emotional environment Negative emotions and state of sadness in older people, and emphasize the need to create an emotional bond between the resident and their caregiver.

One of the most vulnerable groups is the group of older people who do not have the emotional environment in their daily lives due to the death of loved ones or distance from their families, which generates social isolation. It is estimated that more than 2.5 million people over the age of 60 in Spain are in a situation of unwanted loneliness. Of these, 1.7 million are over 70 years old.

“Social isolation and lack of interest in normal activities are some of the most common symptoms of affection deficit,” she said. Christina OviedoPsychologist and coordinator of the technical support department of Domasvi, “On these occasions, older people show difficulties in resuming relationships with other people. Therefore, it is very important that the professional understands the user’s way of interacting and emotions Pay attention to the way you express it,” he adds.

Often, the solution to recovering social and emotional life is admission to a residential center where care professionals address the disorders resulting from these conditions. “Our first challenge is to get them to stop needing drug treatment and improve their mood, and this requires the utmost attention.”

Caregiver’s affection and its positive impact on well-being

Given this reality, affection and personal attention appear as core components of quality care. The psychologist and coordinator of Domasvi Technical argues, “The respect, kindness and close and polite behavior of the caregiver have a positive impact on the daily life of the person and create an atmosphere of trust. This bond of empathy favors the emergence of positive emotions ” Support Department.

In this way, the person feels that they are being cared for in a personal and personalized way, and this increases their self-esteem, contributing to their well-being and emotional stability, factors that can improve depressive conditions.

“The trust that residents place in the person who cares for them is fundamental to their well-being, so this bond is part of the basic care they receive. Respect, closeness and friendly behavior make this relationship stronger day by day. “According to Cristina Oviedo, remember that above all, understanding, patience and active listening help the development of an emotional connection.”

The caregiver must maintain close ties with the socio-family support network and take into account the socio-affective environment to respond to the needs of each user in an assertive manner, as well as enhance the relationship between both parties. Communication, empathy, transparency and mutual trust are essential tools. This link, beyond strengthening the bond between both parties, provides the professional with a sense of satisfaction in daily care and highlights their work. In this sense, the figure of the caregiver is decisive in maintaining the balance between pain and well-being and improving the lives of older people.

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