Carlos Vela is an option to reinforce Cruz Azul in Clausura 2024


“There could be news at any moment,” it warns about the possible arrival of the bomber at La Maquina.

Will Carlos Vela Cruz be a reinforcement for Azul?
© JAM Media – ExclusiveWill Carlos Vela Cruz be a reinforcement for Azul?

after losing due to injury gabriel fernandezThis has come to light Cruz Azul board will look to sign an emerging forward, organization for cement factory Must satisfy two requirements of Liga MX:must be a footballer free agent and there must be a contract Close before March 8th,

Under this scenario, in the last hours the name of carlos candle as much as possible cruz azul reinforcementsTaking as a basis that bomber Complies with the characteristics required by regulations; Furthermore, he is a footballer who Machine has been on the radar in recent months,

Although at some point various sources rejected the option, eleventh hour Highlighted that the alternative has taken a new direction can concentrate soon,

“Carlos Vela Cruz is an option to reinforce Azul, the interest is real. News can come at any time.”This Monday a reporter Adrian Esparza Oteo revealed TUDN Team News Specialist sky blue,

Carlos Vela did not renew his contract with MLS’s LAFC, so he is a free agent

Carlos Vela’s representative was in La Noria

Regarding the option, this Monday he highlighted that Representatives of Carlos Vela were present in La Noria, However, it should be noted that the promoters of bomber also manage the career of matthew levySo his appearance – it was assumed at some point – was associated precisely with youthful promise. sky blue,

However, no one knows for sure the reason for the tour of the facilities. Machine Agent Jose Luis Verduzco, who is part of the representation agency for football players PROMOFUT, stands out among them carlos candle And george sanchezwho were in class blue Cross at the last minute winter market,

survey Will the Cruz Azul board manage to close the signing of Carlos Vela?

Will the Cruz Azul board manage to close the signing of Carlos Vela?

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How much will it cost to sign Carlos Vela?

every time Carlos Vela is a free agentThe only disbursement I will make blue Cross This will be the salary of the Mexican forward. still, The former Arsenal forward was one of the highest-paid in MLS, so that dynamic will be replicated in Liga MX, If you want to hire him, and as per his latest fees in USA, Cement producers will have to pay around $4.5 million per season in wages For him bomber,

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