They organize “Zumba for Emotional Wellbeing” programs

To create space for entertainment and well-being through dance, the Dr. Margarita Hansen Didactic Research and Development Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the implementation, research and support of projects in the field of emotional education, organized its. first incident”Zumba for emotional well-being” last Saturday, February 10, at the St. Joseph School facilities.

“Currently, there is great concern about the mental health of our children, youth and adults, as well as the need to implement strategies for the proper management of stress, anxiety and violence prevention,” said Dr. Margarita Hansen, president of Said. Didactic Foundation.

There is more and more evidence of the benefits of dancing in people’s lives. Recently a study was published that confirms that dancing causes positive changes in the brain, improving memory, attention, balance, social and emotional skills.

This is the first Zumba activity that brings families together in a healthy environment in which participants enjoy accompanied by Zumba trainer Emmanuel Torres, an experienced expert. The funds raised are used to support elementary level children in Manoguayabo and Monte Plata, as well as the implementation of Construyo programs. “I build my emotional well-being (CBE)” With youth and adults in different parts of the country.

This is a good time to continue the conversation about new ways in which we can contribute to the well-being of our children, youth and adults, so that they can live in a better society, supporting them in the process of social-emotional learning . Whole life.

The event was organized with the support and sponsorship of Kinnox, Popular Savings and Loan Association (APAP), Torbel, Grupo Malen, Gatorade, Induveca, Association of Rural Savings and Credit Institutions (AIRAC), Grupo Blandino and Ayuda Foundation.

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